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If you are in Europe, make sure you have a date who can stay out late. In the Western Hemisphere of the globe, you are advised to stay close to your Friday date and see if you can build carryover energy from that night. Perhaps a kiss before the lights go out on Friday will be revisited as an afternoon delight between you two on Saturday. The planetary energy lasts well into the night. In fact, it is not until after sunrise on Sunday, October 10 that the Moon will have moved far enough away from Venus and Mars to leave them as just a mere conjunction of two planets.

So in all that time, you will have the opportunity for the greatest physical passion encounter of the decade. Read below to see how the Scorpio stellium of October 8 — 10 will affect you and your lover — read for both of your signs:. Since Mars is your ruling planet, the stellium is likely to make loving an affair for the early evening of October 9. A low-lit room revs up your engines best. Call an astrologer now for a more personalized forecast!

With your Venus ruler setting off the intense stellium, make the morning and early afternoon of October 9 the time to sneak away and get physical with the one you love. If you or a lover are stuck at work, there is no reason that the stellium cannot create a healthy fantasy to hold onto until you two can get together and make up for lost time. You might prefer poetry to physical interaction, but the hypnotic words of your lover seduce your spirit deeper than is possible in the flesh.

Love is palpable — dare you speak it? The stellium could spark the idea in you to revisit the past. Have you been keeping up with an old flame?

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You might want to spend Saturday looking forward instead of going back. You will have a chance to let the facts and figures speak for themselves. Your date from Friday could be entranced at the details of your passion and extend the encounter well into Sunday if possible. The stellium brings out your natural passion and intensity. A partner could end up feeling like a bulldozer has run over the room with you two in it. Your imagination is going to run wild, and having a partner to illustrate your fantasies could make for the wildest weekend of the next few years.

Place yourself in the role of narrator and get busy! You could have a few parties to go to or other social engagements that cut down on your quiet time with your partner, but the build up of tension will make for an intense and memorable release when the crowd fades. Too many options for success outside of romance could blind you to partnership passion opportunities.

Time can rush by as you work toward a long-term goal and a possible partner may begin to look elsewhere. This is the perfect weekend for a getaway with a future soulmate. Being flirtatious with an invitation that includes you and a road trip away from the daily grinds will inspire a committed effort from your partner. Psychic Readings. All Horoscopes. All Articles. Life Questions. Tarot Readers. Spiritual Readings.

All Categories. Love Advice Articles. Psychic Advice Articles. Tarot Advice Articles. Spiritual Advice Articles. Astrology Advice Articles. Keen Blog. Astrology July 26, She also has Venus in Scorpio at 3 degrees in the 9th not sure if you would consider that close enough to be part of the stellium.

On the other hand, it IS Venus, the ruler of Libra and dispositor of the four 8th house Libra planets. Uranus, the ruler of all of the Aquarian planets is in Cancer in the 9th and connects by major or minor aspects to all of the 4th house planets. I had a score of 80 for the Moon Alpha dog and 54 for Uranus. I know that I am very sensitive and have felt alienated most of my life.

I finally moved from the place where I was born and have relocated to the West Coast. I continue to struggle with oversensitivity but have much more awareness around it now. Thanks for the article, it was very helpful. I think I understand my stellium less the more I learn! According to the strength tests my Sun is the alpha dog and I do notice, heavily through lunar aspects, that its my Sun that keeps trying to get out.

I have never really owned my Scorpio Sun, in fact I feel extremely Piscean in solitude and Leonine when out and about. I have been known to tell white lies to perfect strangers in bars that I am in fact a Pisces! As for empty houses, I notice with my friends that those dearest to me are the ones who have planets and placements that typically fall within my empty houses.

By: mimi on June 13, at am. Hi Donna! I am learning so much from this site, thank you! I have a very busy pisces 12th house. My moon, sun and jupiter conjunct my ascendant, and also mercury is a bit further down. My empty houses do ring true to me. My 2nd I can see, as I am really not a materialistic person. I love astrology, thanks so so much for helping me to understand it better! Hi, Harmony, your Neptune score would probably be off the map. Try the search engine on the right hand side, and type in 12th house Sun.

My Sun has the highest score of these but I have yet to figure out how this all plays out. I guess learning how my sun and moon can live together…heh heh. For me, Saturn seems to play a big role, maybe partly since it is the first I encounter in the stellium, and maybe because my S Node is Cap too? My Stellium consists of 4 planets in Cancer in the 8th house; Sun and Uranus both 23 degrees, Mercury 9 degrees conjunct to Jupiter 11 degrees. I immediately identified with this stellium. By profession I am a bodyworker.

I specialized in Aquatic Bodywork Watsu which suited me to perfection. Astrology has fascinated me for the last 4 decades, but of late I have been feeling rebellious, so I am happy to have found this site where maybe I can get my groove back. By: suenosdeuomi on June 9, at pm. As a fellow Cancerian, watsu is intriguing. To me, the greatest thing I do with my body is swimming—it feels so good after. Ooh, yay. Welcome to the site! Donna, swimming is good, being floated in warm water by a skilled bodyworker is better and can be truly awe inspiring. I hope you will get a chance to experience this if you have not yet.

This is a great forum you created, I miss it. Happy almost full moon and wishing you a healthy new year, may your wrists have healed. By: suenosdeuomi on January 7, at pm. She acts like an Aqua but she also has the critical eye of a Virgo and works in the social system. She inisists that she hates Virgos, although our boss and her husband both people that she admires and that she has been in long term relationships with have Virgo in them — one has a stellium in Virgo, the other has NN cnj Mars in Virgo.

I told her once that she might have some Virgo traits herself …she looked shocked and she refuses to believe it. I just thought this is a perfect example of what you said in point 1. By: elisei13 on June 10, at am. Absolutely, Elisei, and all the more prone to denying the Virgo-like characteristics because Aquarius is quincunx—and antithetical—to Virgo.

Hello Donna, thank you for your posts. Very enlightening! This one in particular was very helpful! As all these planets trine also my Taurus Moon and square my Gemini Sun and MC, it is a bit difficult to understand what is happing. I do have some traits of Virgo super organized at work for example — a big mess at home though. Some tips on how to keep that Pluto busy would be welcome, should you have the time and wish to do so!!! Some comments on the experience of the multiple conjunction being transited by Saturn: its effect as it was crossing the Ascendant in was dramatic.

For a brief period, I almost fell ill. I could feel it in my body!!! Finally, I did the right thing with my life, made some drastic changes and I calmed down. Thank you for the tip about watching the effect of the moon and Sun, Venus, Mercury. I will do that! Thank you, Evi. Multiple conjunctions are much like stelliums, in a condensed version, and often form the core of a really gifted stellium.

How to keep Pluto busy? Take it from one with a similar multiple conjunction including Pluto conjunct the Ascendant, it does get better. Stop at the occasional oasis and pamper yourself to restore the energy for the long haul. Thanks for the input on the transit to your multiple conjunction. By: josefina on June 10, at am. I have to dig up the tests again to see which one is my Alpha Dog between Mars, Sun, Mercury and Jupiter within 18 degrees. Have a few others with 5 planets within 30 degrees.

Intense to say the least. My oldest son has a Virgo stellium. The ruler Mercury is just into the 12th house cusp at 2 Libra so Venus and Mercury would be in mutual reception. A double ruler or alpha dog? This stellium is opposition, 26 Saturn conjunct 23 Chiron in Pisces in the 5th house. He has never married or had children but is a prolific artist painter and very successful at selling his work.. He teaches kids Art on the side of a full time job as the computer graphics artist for a T-shirt shop. He has been in Plays, does all the posters for local music groups and plays the drums in a band.

He was with First Responders and a member of the local volunteer fire brigade and has a large following of well wishers and patrons of his Art. He has never given me grief like his little brother 13 years apart in age and I could always count on him to make the right decisions. Just for the heck of it I will share that my younger son has a Pisces stellium in the 2nd house. New moon, Sun, Venus and Mars.

Now, according to what you say, the rulers of his 8th, 4th and 5th houses are all in there in that 2nd house This guy also has Neptune in the last minutes of Sagittarius, a bare 10 minutes before the ascendant in the 12th house. His mom is an astrologer so i was dead accurate about his birth time. When he was a baby, he started creeping around on hands and knees before he was 5 months old.

Before that wife found him, he was totally clueless about women. Watching this guy unfold, mature has been VERY interesting. Thanks for another intriguing discussion! Those three planets are also my strongest scored in the 50s on the tests after Saturn which scored Also, transiting Pluto has been no so gently massaging the whole conj-oppostion set-up for the last few years. Libra in intercepted and Virgo is on the cusp. In college he announced he would be majoring in advertising and minoring in business.

Six months into his career, I get a call. Needless to say, it was his dream job. And yes, he does have to delve into their heads to get them to understand the benefits of getting an education. To date, two of his students former gang members are on scholarships to a prestigious music college on the East Coast. By: bohemianopus on June 10, at pm. By: Donna Cunningham on June 10, at pm. I use Placidus house, and my stellium is in 8th house, mercury, mars, sun, moon, pluto all together.

Everything is in Virgo, except Pluto in Libra. The planetary tests show that I score high in pluto, moon, and mercury. However, my day job is not finance-related at all. The amount of time I spent in 8th house rivals easily to the 40 hours that I spent on my day job. I just noticed that my Pluto is also at a more critical degree in my natal chart which can resonate through transit combination with Venus, Jupiter, Neptune, and Part-of-Fortune.

Interesting, too, about how many facets of the 8th showed up. Just read your stellium in Virgo article. By: Monique on August 11, at pm. How about this? Real good party going on in 3 neighbor houses 12th , 1st n 2nd? Difficult chart, is it? As of now, Female native is facing issues with marriage finding a appropriate person, even in so called arranged marriage.

You got any advise or time frame for it happening? By: FxGuy on June 10, at pm. May be you can shed some general info on stelliums in 12th and 1st house? And is it true that people, who have a concentrated mass a lot of stelliums like in the chart posted above, have their life as…. Yes, transits are the reason a person with a stellium may experience long periods where nothing much is happening and then periods where everything seems to happen at once. By: Donna Cunningham on June 11, at am.

I have one stellium in the 12 but near ascendant and a conglomerate across the MC and its definitely Peaceful , Spiritual introspection in Nature versus intense volatile, dangerous goings on! By: bethiesea on June 11, at am. Well, stick around and read all the materials about stelliums and about the houses involved. Stellium in leo, 3rd house: jupiter 14, venus 23, mars 25, sun and pluto Gemini at 23 on ascendent. IC at 0 virgo. Neptune 25 Libra; Saturn 15 Scorpio in 5th. Mercury 10 and Moon 27 Virgo in 4th.

Donna, your observations above really resonated. Much more secure and happy as a scorpio hidden in 3rd house pursuits! I have a five-planet stellium in the 9th house in Cancer. Four of those planets Venus, Sun, Moon, Mars are a multiple conjunction within a 3 degree orb which includes the midheaven 6 Cancer. Mercury is within 10 degrees, but in Gemini. Look at it this way, Jane.

You fulfilled one of the curriculum tracks for Cancer—successfully raising a family.

What is My Calling in Life?

By: Donna Cunningham on June 12, at am. My wife has MC in Cancer in an empty 10th house. So three planets is not a stellium? I have the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in late Cap. Welcome, earth angel. Those three are always so close together in the zodiac that they are very often in the same sign. According to the accepted definition, a stellium is four planets or more, of which only two can include the Sun, Mercury, or Venus plus at least two other planets. I think where the confusion comes in is that a triple conjunction e. By: Donna Cunningham on June 13, at am. Hello Donna! I just loved what you said about finding the alpha dog of the stellium, and giving him something to chew on, so the other energies can also participate.

It reminded me a phrase my dad used a lot, about giving the ego a bone to grind, so consciousness can arise. Hi Donna, I have a question about the Alpha dog in a stellium. What if the chart ruler, the MC ruler, the IC ruler, and the ruler of the Sun are all in the stellium? Each of those separate factors makes the stellium—and the house it is in—more important in the scheme of things. Focus on finding out all you can about how to do the things that house is about constructively and learn how to use those planets superbly well, and over the decades of your life you will accomplish a great deal to be proud of.

That you have to find out by trial and error and by watching what happens to each of the stellium planets during transits. By: Donna Cunningham on June 17, at am. Thanks Donna. Heavy subject matter as it is learning to work with the different energies would do me well. Some are more successful than others but they are each strong when they need to be. Thanks again. By: Donna Cunningham on June 19, at pm. Donna, if you read this — even with mars so close to my ascendant, is my chart still considered to be ruled by mercury? By: Donna Cunningham on June 20, at am.

I have 5 planets all in Libra, all in the 11th house. Scorpio Sun and Asc. This mean the chart ruler, the house ruler, and the sign ruler are all involved in my stellium. So which is the top dog? Not so sure. I have a hard time understanding my 11th house stellium. My priorities and interests are not friends, groups, community. I do feel very Plutonian and Venusian! Venus and Pluto are a degree apart. Huge interests in sex, death, other deep dark subjects, and transformation. Huge interest in Love, romance, beauty, style, fashion, self improvement, antiques, decorating, artistic creations.

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But I have always felt sort of disconnected with the 11th house. Any thoughts on what the 11th house is really all about? By: Gretchen on June 28, at am. The Alpha dog is something you get to know only by following the Moon and other planets around the chart and seeing what happens when they form aspects to one after another of the stellium parts.

My suspects for you would be either Venus or Pluto. The article about the incredible vulnerability of a stellium is based on my own 11th house stellium, so do read that. There are several articles on the 11th and friendship here. By: Donna Cunningham on June 28, at am. Donna your site and your articles kept me up until the wee hours of the morning last night! Thanks for these links, I will be reading them shortly. By: Gretchen on June 28, at pm. By: Donna Cunningham on June 28, at pm.

This is interesting reading. I have trouble completely letting go of the past also. I wonder if deeper study or focus on something could satisfy Pluto and allow me to let up in the rest of my life? Read the various books on Pluto by Green and Greene, as well as my book, Healing Pluto Problems to gain a perspective on its uses. By: Donna Cunningham on October 9, at am. Thank you for the positive bent towards your views on stelliums. I have read some articles that lean towards stelliums as downfalls versus a concentration of powerful energy that once channeled can be used for great purposes.

Also, Jupiter overlaps into my sixth and conjuncts Saturn and Pluto both in Libra, too there as well as the 7th house Mercury. I yearn for a deep romantic partnership yet have never had one. I love doing charts for others and delving into any subject namely spirituality, philosophy, and psychology and sharing these insights with others for their own growth. Any insight or links to discover my own in the subject of stelliums would be so beneficial. Many thanks in advance! As my Ascendant is Taurus, my Alpha planet should be Venus, right? By: Caio on January 7, at am.

Big time stellium there, Caio! I have several young astrology friends with that sort of stellium in Sag, and they are quality people! I also had a young woman with that Sag stellium as a private editor when I reissued An Astrological Guide to Self-Awareness—absolutely superb!

The Alpha Dog for a stellium is the one of the stellium planets that is the strongest and most dominant of that bunch. Finding out which one is a process of observing and eliminating all but that one. Start by taking the planetary tests for the four in the stelliuk, then watchng what happens as the Moon passes over the stellium each months and the faster moving planets each year plus any slow-moving planets by transit. By: Donna Cunningham on January 7, at pm. The Moon passes over the stellium when she is transiting the 7th house?

Midheaven in Pisces. By: Caio on January 8, at am. You could copy what you wrote below and send it plus your complete birth information date, year, time, and place plus where you live now to my Dell Horoscope column for consideration. The email is ehockaday dellmagazines. By: Donna Cunningham on January 11, at am. Later in life than I wish I had, I am only now really taking astrology seriously. I have Mercury and Moon in Aquarius opposition to that stellium and know that I struggled always with self doubt which I compensated for by earning more degrees and credentials than anyone though necessary, If that is a reasonable interpretation of the dynamics I probably could have made more of my career if I had known astrology and managed those energies better.

Thanks Donna I have only just found your site and am really enjoying and learning a lot.. Hi, Elly, glad you found this. By: Donna Cunningham on January 30, at am.

The Cosmic Witch

I have read that you are not doing consultations at this time and I hope that you are feeling good and doing well. I have an urgent need. My 16 year old grandson who has been living with me for the past 7 years is in crisis. Over about the past 2 years he has been having problems drug use, vandalism and disturbing writings which have led to his expulsion from school for the remainder of the year. He has 4 planets in Virgo in the 11th house and because of your expertise I am turning to you. Can you provide a referral or some guidance?

I would be so grateful for any help. I am so worried about him and I just do not seem to be able to help him. Hi, Deborah, I do indeed know someone who would be perfect for this situation. By: Donna Cunningham on March 24, at am. By: sandhillsmcp on March 24, at pm. Hi Donna, If you know someone to refer me to that would be wonderful, unless of course you are doing consultations again? Feeling like I am failing my planetary potential I could use some insight and timing advice. I hope your hands are better. Thank you, Elly. I have a Leo eighth house stellium sun,mercury, Venus, mars and jupiter and a Capricorn first house stellium moon, Uranus, Neptune, true node anybody able to tell me what a dual stellium may mean.

Stelliums represent a life-long learning curve, but the mastery of those energies gets easier with maturity, especially after the first Saturn return at age 28 or so. If you want to be notified about the class, sign up for a subscription to this blog. Donna Cunningham. By: Donna Cunningham on June 7, at pm. There are two kinds of stelliums—one in which all the planets are in the same sign, and one in which they are in the same house.

If Venus is in the same house as Mercury, Neptune, and Uranus, then it would be a stellium by house, but it sounds like you also have a stellium by sign the four planets in Capricorn. Another way Venus would be brought into the picture is if it were conjunct the early Capricorn planets, all within 10 degrees. One big reason you may not feel much Capricorn effect is because Uranus as part of the picture adds a bit of Aquarian energy and Neptune as part of the picture adds some Piscean qualities.

You—and others born n with so many planets in Capricorn are juggling a lot of different drives and needs as represented by the outer planets in the stellium. Best wishes, Donbna. By: Donna Cunningham on June 16, at pm. I have what they call a bucket chart. And last but not least………. Sun, Uranus, Pluto, Mercur, Mars in my 9th…. I have a four planet stellium in Scorpio and the 8th house. Sun For the other planets — S. Any help with further interpreting the stellium and its influence in the chart would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, Austin, the two clusters of planets in your chart—Scorpio and Capricorn—are huge influences but hard to explain concisely. I am working on a book on the topic, and as part of the preparation for it, am doing a series of seminars on stelliums—one now in progress and one in the fall. By: Donna Cunningham on July 10, at am. I was wondering if you do personal chart readings? I have a very limited understanding of astrology but have been attempting to read and understand some dilemmas that have been plaguing me, something like life being on a loop…..

According to astro. When I was young, I had an intense fascination with religion and then suddenly at age 7, my whole perspective on religion began to slowly change. As yet, this has not been realised as my day job is in Marketing but it is a dream that I am slowly pursuing. My writing style however, is very 8th house in feel. I write a lot of sexuality focused stories. The other place where I think the eighth house shows up is in my reading materials.

Dizzy showed before a similar stellium. I think in my case, Pluto has the higher score! Every time I get into something, I change all around me, renovate things. Cusp sign is Aquarius, squared with the stellium. By: astrologysaturn on July 31, at am. By: Donna Cunningham on July 31, at pm. Hi Donna, Love your blog!

I have a Capricorn stellium, 5 houses uranus, mars, jupiter, neptune, saturn all in the 5th house. My sun is pisces , leo rising, mercury conjunct moon in aquarius. I also have my venus, jupiter, midheaven in taurus. I can definitely relate to Capricorn. By: Jameca McGhee jamecamcghee on August 10, at pm. Jameca, the only way I could answer your many questions about your stellium would be if I wrote a book myself! By: Donna Cunningham on August 10, at pm.

Although the stellium starts in Libra, it is based mostly in my 11th house of Scorpio. My sun and jupiter are the only planets in Libra and while I have always resonated more closely with Scorpio, everyone says that I am the epitome of a Libra woman; calm, cool and collected, but on the inside my emotions run far deeper than I can even put into words.

I have also come to the conclusion that my sun and pluto are the two alpha planets. And it is an exhausting feeling. With this stellium, I also have 7 houses empty 3,4,5,6,7,8 and Hi, Claudia, and welcome to the world of Stelliums. Yes, it does sound like Pluto is your Alpha, and all that you describe about your friendships sounds Plutonian—and so potentially painful.

By: Donna Cunningham on August 17, at pm. I follow vedic astrology but it does not explain stelliums the way you have explained in this article. I am fascinated with all the information you have provided above. My details-2nd sep am Patiala India. I feel the transit does not apply to me until they come in contact with the house. I have a stellium in the 11th house. Transit of North Node,Jupiter through my 5th house was very exciting.

Conjunction in my 11th house was good. I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on my predicament. If you need my whole chart I can send it to you. Hi, Solar. In a couple of weeks, my Stellium Tool Kit will be out, and it would help you put the pieces together. By: Donna Cunningham on September 6, at pm. Im always the person who filters out the bad ideas or lost causes in my group of peers, yet they also seek me out for guidance on personal issues.

As a child I was incredibly outgoing and assertive and had a ton of friends and new people around me at all times. Hi Donna, thanks for the great article! Would it be safe to say that Pluto is my super planet? How would I find my super planet? I am Plutonian for sure,but my Venus in Capricorn is the highest in my chart 9th house Sag and though I have 3 planets in Scorpio and 3 in Libra, I feel the sign of LIbra is strongest in my chart.

Any insights would be welcome. I am from aquarious lagna; my 8th house is virgo sign having sun,mars and mercury all put together. The mashup of sun-venus-saturn-mercury and these if you want to include them: north node, chiron are in my seventh house. But the part about feeling submerged by the relationship or the other person has happened more than once. Donna, I happened upon your site and find you impressive in your wisdom and ability to make your topic understandable. I have never really understood the focus of my stellium, but am coming to the conclusion that there must be something workable here.

I think it holds the key to far more than my presently diminished bank account. I would like to understand more about how to use the information stored in my H2 as a way to focus more on empowerment, than lack of. I have the second house cup at 8 Libra. I have a plethora of polarized experiences. I know the romance of these things and can influence outwardly in a good way with this ability. The money 2H issue is always looming….. If this were the story of the ant and the grasshopper, I am a bit more like the ant with that Saturn in H2, but found in the position of the grasshopper when winter rolled around.

I need to better understand my allies here and how to transform this territory. Dominant Planet i think its Pluto. I tend to extreme behaviors … sometimes a life like a Crazy rollercoaster. The Planets are Rulers from 1,2,7,8 and 9 home. Insanity and genius … two extremes they cannot together but booth are a part of each other.

Are stelliums in angular houses even more pronounced? I have read that outer planets in a stellium are less significant personally. However my Uranus-Pluto conjunction here has pretty well dominated my life. I do not agree that outer planets in a stellium are less significant—all my observations are that, as you have noted, they do tend to dominate. When two outer planets are conjunct as part of it, they are so slow moving that they affect an entire subgeneration, in terms of big issues they represent, but those big issues have an intense effect on the indivuals that have them woven strongly into their chart, as they would be in a stellium or multiple conjunction.

For the Pluto-Uranus conjunction in Virgo that was in range during much of the 60s, the big issue for vast numbers of that group has the meaning of work and the ongoing search for Right Livelihood finding a satisfying career that serves the collective as well. Oh, and yes, when a stellium planet is within 10 degrees of one of the four chart angles Ascendant, Midheaven, IC, or Descendant , it is very strong indeed. See the post elsewhere on this site. Donna Cunningham Donna. By: Donna Cunningham on November 7, at pm.

I see that you have a stellium of 4 planets in Libra in the 12th house, so do search for and read the 7 articles on the 12th house on this blog. I have a good friend born very close to the same day as you with the same stellium but in the 5th house. He is absolutely brilliant, and totally charming. The Mercury-Mars-Pluto conjunction you both have makes for a very sharp and perceptive mind—like a steel trap! Watch your thinking, however, and keep it focused on achieving positive things, as a Mars-Pluto conjunction has tremendous power to manifest what it focuses on, for good or for ill.

By: Donna Cunningham on January 25, at am. Just makes it kind of difficult because that pretty much necessitates a life-long uncertain journey, not a concise answer and outcome as I would like. Also sucks that interpretations of the 2nd are so heavy on the material end of the spectrum—of course I want stable income, but I am very far from being a stockbroker or the like! Sometimes I just want to collect a paycheck, ya know?! As a side note, I only wish you had clones who were NOT in retirement—there is simply no replacement for the brilliant way you read charts.

Thank you so much for your kind words. Your generation with the conjunction in Virgo are my heros—such high quality contributions, regardless of the field. I also cannot understand why—with such an amazing Uranus—there are not more great astrologers from your generation. Maybe you are just too practical and grounded?

By: Donna Cunningham on August 24, at am. Pluto is in the 4th House but the sign is Scorpio. You were one of a generation born in the late s-mid s with stelliums in Capricorn. Hang in there! By: Donna Cunningham on February 10, at pm. I have a Stellium on the 8th house, Gemini. It all clicks a lot to what I want to study now which is some kind of alternative healing techniques like Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, etc.

I have a natal stellium of 4 planets plus Vertex in my fifth house which is mostly virgo Venus, Sun, Mars, Pluto. When in march , 1. On the day when my son was born the transiting Sun-venus conjunction was exactly opposite my super tightly conjunct mars-pluto conjunction of the stellium. Circumstances of this birth were most unusual, unexpected and shocking to the whole family to say the least. Looking back i realize most of my past romances started during a point within Feb-April, which is when a stellium is likely in Pisces.

Recently when transting Uranus was opposite this mars-pluto conj. Psyche, Sun conjunct Moon, Uranus conj. Mars etc. So i think Mars is my alphie because he is my ascendant lord and pluto co-alphie because he is a heavy weight and conjunct mars. I am looking forward to a similar stellium in Pisces in the coming weeks. Next year when Mars returns to the stellium in April it will be part of a grand square of Uranus, Jupiter and Pluto. I am expecting some big drama. I have a Leo stellium in h6… Sun,moon,merc, and mars… My moon and merc are combust both 1.

My sun is widely conjunction mars.. Although Leo does describe my inner self, my actions and behavior is way more Virgo. Both my kids have Virgo moons, I think that alone shows how much Virgo I display outer ward…. I am the Leo mgr though. Hi, Shawna, my long observation, people who have several planets placed in certain houses are often more like the sign associated with that house than they are the actual sign of the planets there.

I noticed it first and most often with the 6th house, which is associated with Virgo. Instead, they tended to have jam-packed 6th houses, regardless of their actual signs. By: Donna Cunningham on March 15, at pm. Thank u… I agree having 4 personally planets in h6 over ride the Leo, and gives me heavy Virgo traits… Saturn sections my stellium also, which grounds me… I have an earth void, but I think the packed h6 makes up for it….. Also my Leo has progressed in Virgo since age What I notice mostly is that I show people the Virgo side of me… Later on, once I have trust and effect ion I will then express my Leo….

A very interesting analysis, Shawna—even more than the health focus, the 6th does show a really strong work ethic. And I think social work is a 6th house profession. If calculated correctly, my score is for a stellum in Virgo splayed across the 1st and 12th houses, using a Placidus chart as follows:. Moon conjunct Ascendant within 6. Plus I have a yod aspect — Neptune in Scorpio sextile to Virgo stellum quincunxing my south node in Aries. And Chiron retrograde in Aquarius in my 6th house. I have a 5 planet stellium in my Sun sign Virgo , which is intercepted in the 7th house, and 3 planets of the 5 are in Virgo, two of them in Libra.

As I started to interest myself to astrology I wondered what this meant. My Sun is also intercepted with Jupiter and Saturn, which is co-ruler of my ascendant Aquarius. As I remember I never felt that I hate Virgo: my mom and some relatives are Virgos as well and I am fond of their manner. But I certainly felt that I am not that punctual, down to earth, humorless type. And nor are they. I guess Virgo is sometimes a misinterpreted sign. I remember to be contious about my actions at an early age but often got startled by how other saw me.

And that made me wonder and and ponder if I truly know myself. My lesson was to say yes, I know myself and I am aware of my actions and my motives. Plus Venus, Jupiter and the Moon are in close proximity in the 12th house, Gemini. I believe there is also an article or two about Mars-Uranus conjunctions. By: Donna Cunningham on May 18, at am. Hi Donna, the May 25, lunar eclipse is opposing my solar return and is my birthday…Sun 4 conj Jupiter 7 and N. Node 13 conj. Venus 16 in Gemini in 8H. Sadly, loss of income is already in the works. Happy Memorial weekend!

By: Monique on May 24, at am. Obviously, the Third and Fourth Houses are the most important in my chart.. By: animated on July 7, at am.

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  4. How A Stellium in a Sign Affects You.
  5. Hello, animated. You are part of a gigantic and extraordinary group born during with that triple conjunction of Saturn-Uranus-Neptune in Capricorn—millions worldwide. Every child born on the planet in 5 months of and every single day of had it, and during the winter months, there were Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Capricorn as well. By: Donna Cunningham on July 7, at am. I have stellium in 9th house jupiter, mercury, venus and neptune. Hi, Archer, interpreting a stellium is very complex, so no quick and easy answers here. There are a few articles on Stelliums here on Skywriter, so start by reading those.

    By: Donna Cunningham on July 16, at am. I have a six-planet stellium in Capricorn in the 7th house. I took your tests and Venus was the strongest planet by about 12 points, but once I realized that the planet ruling my MC could be the alpha dog, I became confused between Venus and Neptune. Can there be two alpha dogs or just one? Also, ALL of the stellium planets oppose my ascendant. What does that mean? They describe who we attract as partners and intensify the importance of relationships. To receive notices about the seminar and book, subscribe to this blog. You have to test it out by watching what happens as the monthly Moon triggers those planets and see which one reacts the most strongly.

    By: Donna Cunningham on August 7, at am. I am really interested in any info you have about this Capi generation as my SO has this aspect. Hi Thank you for this interesting article. In return I will follow your plea for personal impressions on my stellium.

    Uranus, Node, and Mercury are situated in Libra. Libra does seem farther away from me, but I believe this roots in the fact that my subn sign is Scorpio Sun and Neptune in 5th house. The stellium is opposed by Chiron and Saturn opp. Mercury in I prefer introversion to extroversion. I can start a Thousand things but might need a long time to finish them, if at all. On the other hand, at the office, I seem to work best when multitasking. What else could be linked to my stellium? Hm, I am member of a club for the intellectually gifted.

    And even if this comment might not aide the impression, I am quite shy and not talkative. I like the idea of living in a silent monastery. But with the Sun in 5 it is not suprising that I have favored being a mother. My child has a stellium with 6 planets involved in the 11th an 12th house. Sun Capricorn and Jupiter Sagittarius are in conjunct in 10 but, as pointed ot, in different signs. During toddler and pre-school age he was very open, straigthforward, active, self-dependent, and inventive. The first deep encounter with a social institution, I am referring to school, was decelerating.

    He went from private school to secondary school, to secondary technical school, to secondary modern school. In the end he graduated as pupil with the best results but was definitely not wiling to invest any more time into school. After this he was having a phase of intent social withdrawal but not in a depressive, more in a self-contained, independent way.

    I am curious to experience how his story is going to unfold, even though I have the feeling that his time of bright florescence might well lie after my fading away, i. I feel like a Scorpio through and through, but I believe to have different Virgo characterisitics. I can only say something for 2 and 7, for the others there is nothing coming to mind right now. And which planet is the Alpha Dog? Not sure, this is a new idea to me, but I believe it is Pluto. Or could it be Uranus? And I believe that in times when Venus, Sun, and Mercury start to wander along my stellium the period between August and October I start to get very active, brooding, and initiative.

    I will look at this with more attention now. Great info on stelliums!! Shine on! By: Donna Cunningham on November 4, at am. Saturn Venus moon and Neptune in the ninth. Sagittarian sun. I definitely relate to both the Sagittarian quality of the Stellium and the Libra quality. Saturn rules the roost. Uranus square in cancer, Jupiter loosely opposite in Aries. Clearly feel the cycle when the sun in particular goes through Libra but even more so when Mars passes through every two years.

    Emotional turmoil and social upheaval often occur. Mars is about to pass through again in December into first 5 months of , as mars will retrograde over the area. Also transiting Uranus entering into picture. Preparing to do artistic creative healing during this next six months.

    Striving to be responsive rather than reactive to the dynamics. Any suggestions? Over time able to see a most unusual kind of gift is active in this stellium dynamic, however painful and often involves much sacrifice. Need to cultivate heightened sense of surrender. Any thoughts? Hi, Shar, stelliums are really complicated, and an interpretation would take pages of writing.

    I am retired from doing chart interpretation in order to devote my time to writing. By: Donna Cunningham on November 22, at am. Hello again! How would I be described because a stelium in house 1 isn it like having multiple personalities.. How an astrologer would describe such a person? Narina, you are part of a generation of millions of people born around the world in with that Uranus-Neptune-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn.

    Mynew book on stelliums would lead you through the analysis, step by step, and it also devotes an entire chapter to that super-conjunction. Oh, and P. By: Donna Cunningham on November 24, at am. Thank you! I am born in Just wanted to know more about it. They are huge planets who take their time to move. I will read everything related to it. Have a good day! Hello…I am a pain in the butt, I know…just wondering about the dark side of astrology,ok,no..

    Why would I do that? But somewhat people who are on the bright side of life are annoying personal opinion …dark must be integrated, without evil where will be the good? The astrologers on that site.. Can you please give me a link about saturn and pluto? And yes…I am staying away from bad boys. They leave their clients open to being blind-sided when something bad happens, rather than being open to discussing the difficult potentials in a particular natal aspect or transit. I describe the aspect and then ask the client questions to find out how they have realistically used the combination in the past and how they are using it now.

    However, if they are using it self-destructively now or if past events related to the combination have been traumatic, then we need to take the negative potential seriously. Then the potential for being a victim is very serious. Or, suppose, with that combination, they have been accident prone. Suppose they admit to reckless driving, driving under the influence, or texting while they are driving.

    Then I would warn them that an accident is possible during the time period in question. Or it might involve any number of risky behaviors, like going out to clubs and coming home with strangers. That can be passionate but eventually toxic and terribly painful. If that describes your relationships, you might gain a good deal of self-awareness by reading my book, Healing Pluto Problems. By: Donna Cunningham on November 30, at am.

    I was indeed in a toxic relationship where emotional and verbal abuse happened to me. I tried to let go of that person …. Only succeded in doing so 2 times. And now for good. I thought I succeded.. From what I saw..

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    I have it in me..

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