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The little things you recognize so naturally a lot of people completely miss. Thankfully when that happens most of your partners are quick to forgive simply because you have never been about the drama. You want a well-grounded relationship based on reality — something healthy, logical and with just enough romance to keep it interesting.

As a Virgo you are slow to love.

Virgo October 2019 Astrology The Answer Is A Resounding YES!

Everything is one step at a time. Control and comprehension matter in your exchanges. That means you may express your love differently than that to which your partner is accustom.


Remain attentive and aware and let passion express itself without being pushed. So doing helps you find a lover who gives as good as he or she gets. This ties at least partially to your uncertain self-esteem, always expecting more from yourself than anyone else.

One of the wonderful parts of the Virgo nature is their honesty about sex. They will not put on airs in the bedroom. Flirting opens the door to foreplay.

Virgo and Taurus Compatibility: The Healer and the Lover ⋆ Astromatcha

Foreplay leads to slow, attentive intercourse. This is a lover who likes someone smart, humorous, prompt and savvy. Many times Virgo prefers their mate making the first move, but no matter who starts things they will be sure to pay close attention to anything that gets a positive response. For them it truly is about pleasuring you.

As a Virgo you have probably had your fair share of wounds from previous relationships. Additionally you probably see sex as something secondary or tertiary to a good relationship. Your Aries partner is bolder than you in relationships, sometimes to the point of impulsiveness. Sure this is exciting, and you enjoy the Aries panache for adventure. Nonetheless underneath it all your Virgo sensibilities feel antsy about all this unpredictability.

Intelligent Libra makes a most satisfying friend. Of course, Libra has their problems with you, too. This sign has a soft spot for you, probably because of your earnest desire to help others.

Its Origin and Meaning in Astrology

Such dedication is enough to make Scorpio let down their defenses with you. And although it may take you a long time to form a friendship, you will soon see that Scorpio has many admirable qualities like loyalty, persistence, and sensitivity. Sagittarius is a fun but trying friend. Let Sagittarius expand your horizons by allowing them to introduce you to an exotic cuisine or accompany you on a trip abroad. In return, the Archer will welcome your practical advice on getting organized and becoming more efficient. Get your full Astrology birth chart with our Essential Birth Report now, and start having better experiences with everyone around you.

Both of you are Earth signs, which means you share similar values. Neither one of you is afraid of hard work, and are happiest when engaged in some useful task. Similarly, each of you finds comfort in time-honored traditions and like carrying out familiar rituals. Nobody enjoys the holidays more than you and the Goat -- in fact, the two of you probably start preparing for this special time weeks in advance.

True, you bristle when Capricorn gets bossy, and your pal broods when you point out their mistakes. Still, the two of you have so much in common that these differences seem positively inconsequential. Nobody can disrupt your life quite the way Aquarius does. So why are you so drawn to this offbeat friend? The Virgo-Oxen rejoice at each new day, try to protect themselves from negative emotions.

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Not prone to depression and vain feelings. Purposeful Virgo-Oxen do not see anything wrong with their enthusiasm for what they love. It is useless to reproach them for their stubbornness, lack of flexibility, such is the nature of these people. Virgo-Oxen are conservatives and adherents of traditions, dedicated to their ideals throughout their lives.

The main value for them is duty and honor. They are always consistent in their actions, are deeply attached to close people, they will not leave them for the sake of an illusory dream. Too practical to waste your life on trifles. Do not cherish illusions, do not build empty plans. They are engaged only in those things that can really benefit. However, one can not call them beeches and recluses, they are quite pleasant in communication, do not like loneliness.

In the affairs of the heartly Virgo-Oxen show their characteristic restraint. Long look narrowly at their surroundings and only after long deliberation make a choice. They are not capable of madness, even behave reasonably even during courtship. But over time, as fairly temperamental people are revealed. They can be jealous of a partner or make a scandal if they think that their opinion is not considered.

They prefer a society of quiet people, and frivolous people inspire them with fear. Ox-Virgo is a wonderful family man, he is not interested in novels on the side. She strives to visit the house as much as possible, she is happy to manage the farm. Despite his employment, he always finds time for children. He loves sports, leads a healthy lifestyle.

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  5. Loves mobile games, arranges forays to nature. With all his good-naturedness, this is quite an authoritarian parent. He will not indulge the weaknesses and whims of children, likes to give directions and waits for their immediate execution. It is difficult to find a man more devoted to his work than Virgo-Ox.

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