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Thank you for sharing what you learned from this Wonder, Mary! Thanks for sharing your comment, Abbie! What you heard is a popular superstition about blowing out birthday candles. Check out these Wonders of the Day to find out! Happy very late birthday Wonderopolis. Thank you for telling me this. I wondered why we did this before. Thanks, Izabella! Check out this link to see how we celebrated our 3rd Birthday! Great reason, Demure! Thanks for sharing your reasons for celebrating and blowing out birthday candles!

It's fun to say hip hip hooray for a birthday! Is there any way I can have the name of the author of this article?

I would love to cite this page! Hey there, Ava! Thanks for sharing your comment- we're glad you found this Wonder to be helpful! Hey there, Wonder Friend Brooke! We are always excited when we receive Wonder nominations from our awesome friends, like you! We are so glad you shared your comment with us, Brooke! Thanks for telling me about this wonder wonderopolis I think your next wonder should be about do dogs understand you when you speak to them. I have a dog named Maddie my friend Maclin would like that wonder because he has a dog too!

Best website in the world. You are oh-so-welcome, Wonder Friend Brooke! We hope you have a very happy birthday on Saturday! We bet Maddie is one lucky dog to have a family like yours! Say hello to Maclin for us, too! Hey, I think this is really cool. I think it is so great, that I am using it for a school blogging assignment. I had no idea about any of this stuff like how Greeks used to do this. It is so fascinating. We're so happy that you are learning more about the history behind blowing out birthday candles, Paige! Thanks for stopping by Wonderopolis today!

Thank you for the birthday wishes, Jourdan!

Birthday Candles

We appreciate them very much! I might be kind of late to celebrate, but still Thank you so much, KK! What a super nice thing to say! We will take a special birthday wish from a great Wonder Friend like you anytime! I think because the extra air is more water vapor. The more water vapor, the easier to make the fire go away. That's some pretty smart thinking there, Izzy! I never learned so much about candles! I like Wonderopolis because I get to learn so much. Thanks for the birthday wishes, Mahima!

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Birthday candle number 19 with flame Royalty Free Vector

We really appreciate them! We like learning something new every day, too! Happy birthday, Wonderopolis. I learned a lot about how the birthday candles started. It was very cool how it came from Greece. Hi there, Will!

Birthday candle number 19 with flame vector image

Thanks for letting us know you learned something new and cool from exploring this Wonder! It makes us happy to hear that! Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday Wonderopolis. Thank you very much! Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to wonderopolis, happy birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks so much for the awesome birthday song, Connor! We love that we are still getting birthday wishes from our Wonder Friends! We had the best birthday ever, and we are really looking forward to all the super cool things we've got planned for the coming year! Thanks for being part of Wonderopolis! Happy birthday, dear Wonderopolis. Why, thank you, Maria!

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We really appreciate you wishing us a happy birthday! We had a great first year and look forward to many more so we can meet awesome Wonder Friends like YOU! Happy birthday to you cho cho cho Happy birthday to you You are 1 year old this year You are the best Including my teacher We see Wonderopolis every day at school, except on weekends. I love wonderopolis. Thank you very much for sending it to us in your comment!

We are really glad that you visit Wonderopolis every day! Happy Birthday Wonderopolis. I hope you stay for years and years to come. It's a pleasure and an opportunity to read about your wonders. Thank you for your time and effort to create these wonders. By the way, cute video you posted! Keep on it! What a super nice comment, Zaid! Thank you! We appreciate all the nice things you said about the Wonders. We're so glad you visit Wonderopolis Thanks so much, Deanna!

Happy, Happy Birthday Wonderopolis! I have heard about trick candles before. My friend had them at her birthday party and it was SO funny to see her blow out the candles over and over again. I never knew that blowing out the candles on your cake was a tradition for the ancient Greeks! Are there any other people that have traditions for blowing out birthday candles? I will definitely try to nominate a wonder, have a great day! Thank you for sharing the story about watching your friend try to blow our her trick birthday candles, Sara! We're sure it was a funny thing to watch! There are probably many more birthday traditions celebrated by people all over the world.

We are celebrating your birthday today on Wonder Wednesday! Happy birthday Wonderopolis! I have a question Thank you for the great Wonders!! Hello, Kyle! It was a very special Wonder Yours is awesome, too! Hi, Drew! Dear Wonderopolis, happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday, wonderopolis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for the video, wonderopolis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You'll have to check back to see if you were right about tomorrow's Wonder Hi, Wonderopolis! I go on your website all the time, but I was wondering In fact, we have a whole category of Wonders that are space-related! We're so glad you love visiting Wonderopolis, Chyna! Thank you for wishing us a happy birthday today, too! Thank you, Sarah! King Leer has a nice question Have an awesome b-day! I'd like to give you cake, but i can't. Wonderopolis wasn't invented How does cancer happen? We're truly sorry to hear about your dad, Missy. Happy birthday to you You're wonderful, too Your wonders are awesome and so are you, too!

We loved our birthday song, Cassie! It was very special to us! Thank you so much for suggesting it! We're so glad you visited Wonderopolis and left us this comment today, Jayme! Happy Birthday Wonderopolis!!

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We liked learning about birthday candles. We are still wondering about a few things First, do you know who invented candles and how long ago they were invented. Were they like the candles we use now? Second, do you know who the first people were to make cake? How did they make it? What ingredients did they use and how did they cook it? Thanks so much! Johnson's third grade. We will be looking into those for some future Wonders of the Day!

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Thank you so much, Elango! It really means a lot to us that so many of our Wonder Friends are wishing us a happy birthday today! This is such a nice comment, Nick! Thank you so much for sharing it with us! We are sure we'll have another great year! Do you know why? I hope you have a good birthday and do a wonder on William Shakespeare and his stories. I am celebrating my birthday on December 15, so bye. Thank you for the birthday wish, King Leer!

We think you will really enjoy some of the Wonders we've got coming up this month, Autumn! Thanks for your great comment today! I am looking forward to the next wonders too! I think we should wonder about the card game Magic the Gathering. I play it myself and think other people should learn about it too! Your website has taught me many things, and has given me something to do in my free time. Now, I shall sing thou a song. Happy biirthdaay tooo youuu!! I must say, I love youuuuuuuuu!!!! You're welcome! Oh, and a Wonder I would like to learn about is Animation! Computer Animation! Thank you for singing it to us!

We love the idea of an computer animation Wonder, too You're welcome, Wonderopolis, and I have a wonder for you! What are the 5 smallest countries and the 5 biggest countries When I mean size, I mean population, and square feet, it doesn't matter which one you do? You don't have to, but I will be extremely happy if you just put it into consideration! What a great idea for a Wonder, E. I hope you have more and more years in the website biz!

Good luck! I thought we just put candles on the cake for the fun of it! What a super nice comment, E. Thank you for your birthday wishes and the good luck! We appreciate them both! Thanks, David! We hope we'll see YOU tomorrow, and that you'll leave us another cool comment! Thank you, Autumn! We are excited for the next days We are so glad you have stayed around for 1 year and we look forward to many more Wonder Years with you!!

Today we shared some stories of birthdays we have been to ours or our friends. We even have a student whose birthday is tomorrow! Wow, Kerrick Elementary School! We are so proud of all of the learning that has happened this year in Wonderopolis, and have enjoyed meeting so many new Wonder Friends Happy Birthday to you! Happy birthday to yoooou! Happy Birthday, to you!!!

We all enjoyed learning about "trick" candles! We are so touched by the chorus of "Happy Birthday" songs our Wonder Friends have been singing to us in their comments today, Mrs. Thank you so much for helping make today so special! Happy birthday dear Wonderopoplis.

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We were singing right along with you! Thank you so much for the awesome birthday wishes and for visiting Wonderopolis! We appreciate you! Hi, Hannah! Be sure to visit Wonderopolis every day this month Happy Birthday Wonderopolis! Thank you for a great first year of Wonders and am looking forward to many more ahead. We are too, eherreid! We can't wait to share all the exciting things we've got planned!

We're so happy to know you'll be along for the ride! Hey, Wonder Friends! Before you submit your comment, please remember:. Comments are subject to approval and may not be published if they are not appropriate for the Wonder discussion. Drag a word to its definition. You have answered 0 of 3 questions correctly and your score is:. Want to add a little wonder to your website? Help spread the wonder of families learning together.

We sent you SMS, for complete subscription please reply. Follow Twitter Instagram Facebook. Why do we blow out birthday candles? How do trick candles work?

Burning birthday candles number 19

What are YOU wondering about? Tags: See All Tags ancient , birthday , candle , celebration , cultures of the world , food , German , Greek , holidays , magic , magnesium , science , trick. Have you ever made a birthday wish? Did it come true? In truth, there's no magic to it. It's all science, of course! Wonder What's Next?

Keep the flame of learning going by checking out the following activities with a friend or family member: It's been a year since our last birthday and a lot of WONDERing has happened! What have you done in the past year? Have you out-grown your clothes or shoes? What accomplishments have you made? Have you traveled to any new places or discovered any new hobbies?

Have you met any new people?

birthday number 19 candle Birthday number 19 candle
birthday number 19 candle Birthday number 19 candle
birthday number 19 candle Birthday number 19 candle
birthday number 19 candle Birthday number 19 candle
birthday number 19 candle Birthday number 19 candle
birthday number 19 candle Birthday number 19 candle
birthday number 19 candle Birthday number 19 candle

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