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Venus and Mars are the two relationship planets, and they meet up in conjunction once every 2 years or so, starting a new relationship cycle. We hold our values and our values hold us. On the other side of the zodiac, the Moon raises her eyebrows.

New Moon - November 18, 2017 - True Sidereal Astrology

On August 1st, we have a glorious New Moon in Leo. We have 12 New Moons in a year, one in each zodiac sign. Older posts. On Thursday, the sun enters Sagittarius, the sign of enthusiasm and restless independence. You might feel your insides expand; you might feel your dreams become looser, more joyful and freer. On Friday, a full moon in Gemini might encourage you to bold action and wild risks.


On Saturday, Neptune, the planet of dreams and illusion, stations direct in Pisces. Maybe this dreaminess will muddle your bright ambitions, or maybe it will help your imagination bend and curl in the way you need the most. The feelings that carry you through the day and down the street, and up the stairs at night might seem not to match the world around you.

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Try to resist this kind of thinking. As strong and as courageous as you are, the task this week is to figure out how to allow vulnerability to exist alongside your power. If your trust in yourself has been a little shaky over the past few days, or even the past few months, this week might see some of your old confidence come flowing back into you, electric and sure.

Watch, this week, as the future expands wildly outward. Maybe it will feel like some bright force inside you, propelling you onward, or maybe like a warm energy outside you, carrying you in its stream. Observing the world can feel safer than acting on it. Listening can feel safer than speaking. This week, you might find in yourself drawn toward openness, overcome with a wild desire to create. Yes, it can occur on rare occasions. When the Moon transits through an entire sign, without forming any major aspect, Julius Firmicus Maternus deemed that type of Moon's transit to be a Void Moon throughout the entire transit.

On occasion, a guest will ask for opinions about other Astrologers who use different definitions for the Void of Course Moon.

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Some astrologers include the minor aspects along side the major aspects, thereby shortening the length of time that the moon is Void of Course. Some astrologers will ignore the Moon's transiting aspect patterns altogether, and use specific degrees within each sign as being the point in which the Void of Course Moon will begin and end. This may work for them based on their interpretation. What some people consider to be the VoC Moon may be more closely associated with the Anaretic Degree of the sign.


November monthly horoscope

The Anaretic Degree is the last active degree of any sign; aka 29th degree. This is, at most, all that will be said in reference to other astrologers' Void of Course Moon delineations. The Void of Course VoC is similar to a short respite or a reprieve of emotions before the Moon journeys into the next astrological sign.

The Moon rules over our feelings, emotions, nurturing feminine side yes, even men have a nurturing feminine influence , as well as our childhood memories and family matters.

Depending on which sign the Moon transits, that sign's energies will be blended into, or at the very least, awash over our natural Moon Sign's tendencies. This is one reason why our emotions and moods always seem to be in a state of flux, internally.

Daily Horoscopes: November 23, 2018

When the Moon begins into a Void of Course period, these areas of our life seem to hit a disconnect. We encounter a short period of emotional confusion, mood fatigue, or even simply feel emotionally and physically rundown. We may not be able to rely on our usual "gut" decision-making. It is not advisable to initiate new concepts during the VoC Moon.

19 november full moon astrology 19 november full moon astrology
19 november full moon astrology 19 november full moon astrology
19 november full moon astrology 19 november full moon astrology
19 november full moon astrology 19 november full moon astrology
19 november full moon astrology 19 november full moon astrology
19 november full moon astrology 19 november full moon astrology

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