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The advancing angles of the Jupiter Saturn cycle thereafter proved reliable turning points. The square of accurately timed the Israel and Lebanon war. The May opposition was equally precise in timing an Israeli raid on a Gaza aid flotilla, claiming the lives of ten protestors and leading to international condemnation. The opposition clearly displays the crucial issues of the cycle. It brings everything into the open with 'black and white' clarity.

During the closing square from September to June , renewed clashes and lone wolf attacks on the part of the Palestinians erupted. This planetary precision could hardly be accidental. The vote was for to 14 against, with the US threatening to cut funds as a result. A definite political shift was emerging. The tide continued to turn on November 29 , at The United Nations recognized Palestinian statehood. The US again opposed this motion eliticing support from minions states, such as the Marshall Islands and Nauru where the entire populations would barely fill a football stadium.

The vote was an overwhelming to 9. Palestine celebrated with a symbolic 'birth certificate', after a sixty five year wait. This vote took place within days of a Solar Eclipse at 22 degrees of Scorpio, opposing the birth Sun of Israel. They also called for an end to the violence on both sides. The United States abstained on the vote, a clear indication they are growing sensitive to world opinion and the importance of international law. Any opposition would appear to be entirely subjective when even Israel's own Supreme Court is deeming the setllements as illegal.

But this was a seismic shift for the USA. The horoscope of Israel again holds the key here. Uranus, the planet of rebellious independence and rapid change, has been moving into Israel's seventh house of international relations from June of It will remain on the sensitive seventh house cusp until April Following that will then square the Israeli Midheaven, pressing for a change of leadership and direction.

The Uranus transit represents a climactic turning point in the nation's international affairs. Although it may come as a surprise initially, it signifies that the ongoing increase in illegal settlements has finally evaporated the patience of the global community. The transit of Uranus must be read in light of its prior appearance at the Ascendant of Israel back in This was the year of the Yom Kippur War, which had enormous ramifications, driving western economies into recession.

The Arab petrol states imposed costly fuel embargoes on the US and western allies for their direct military support of Israel, resulting in stock markets tumbling, rising inflation and unemployment. Therefore one must pay close attention to the third pass of Uranus opposing the Israel Ascendant in March Not only is unruly Uranus involved here but also the more recently discovered dwarf planet of Eris. Although astrologers are still getting their heads around the functions of Eris, symbolically it represents the principle of disorder and discordance.

In Greek mythology Eris is the sister of Ares, delighting in rivalry and strife. Back for the Yom Kippur war Eris was hard angled to Israel's Mars — a fitting aspect for the conflict. Since and the collapse of US brokered peace talks, Israel has experienced increasing isolation. From Eris has been opposing Israel's Ascendant and its seventh house of relationships. As Eris is triggered by Mars also entering this seventh house by the end of February and beginning of March , this would seem to be a volatile time to watch.

There are some further developmental clues in the chart of Israel. Currently their progressed Ascendant is self-righteous Sagittarius and joined to the planet of expansion, progressed Jupiter. Adding to this the transit of Jupiter will come to station on Israel's birth Ascendant in late January, and February of The double Jupiter effect could indicate increasing territorial expansion in direct defiance of the United Nations resolution.

Or there may be fresh legal challenges, unless the stalemate between the two rival factions is broken. Wading into this is the newly elected US president Donald Trump. While Donald Trump would be totally dismissive of the Algonquin Indians laying any claim to his beloved New York real-estate as their sacred homeland, he is nevertheless enthusiastically wading into the ideological land battles of the Middle East. More significantly, he tried to sabotage the vote of the global community, before beginning office. In doing so he sufferred his first diplomatic defeat.

They all have the war planet conjunct at 27 and 28 of Leo respectively. This combination is like a match to a petrol can, with all set to field the Solar Eclipse of August Clearly the times are a changing and some people are not changing with them.

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Jupiter and Saturn have set powerful forces in motion and the trend is remarkably easy to read. Christmas in the holy lands holds the promise of a different future, given time and patience. Further resistance will be problematic to a just and peaceful solution. Dec Misinformation is in the news. I mean literally in the news.

That's because news isn't always factual. It too often has a bias, or slant that fits the media or government's agenda. The US is bombarded with 24 hour channels of raves, rants and indoctrination. Propaganda gained momentum as Pluto — the planet of plutocracy — moved through the Sagittarian first house of the USA's July 4 Pluto was joined at the US Ascendant by Mercury, the ruler of communication, media and the press on December 12 Bush the presidency. Credibility began to seriously disappear as the public were sold on the invasion of Iraq.

And it was all about the economy. When the inevitable battle began, mainstream media buried the truth of the war under a babble of patriotic fabrication. There were imbedded journalists who censored the facts, writing straight from the Pentagon's run sheet. Cable TV ran an ongoing coverage featuring decorative animated US flags in corner screen. They needed heroes. There was a serious lack of investigative journalism. It has nothing to do with oil, literally nothing to do with oil. As the war dragged on the truth came to light. Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan had a totally different, and infinitely more realistic appraisal, "I am saddened that it is politically inconvenient to acknowledge what everyone knows: the Iraq war is largely about oil.

It came via his memoirs, 'The Age of Turbulence'. Speaking at Stanford University he admitted, "Of course it's about oil; we can't really deny that. T Barnum and the compliant media looked like sideshow alley. Americans were fast discovering more believable alternative sources such Bradley Manning, Wikileaks, or the revelations of Edward Snowden. And that the reward for spilling the beans on war crimes or spying on your own people, was a prison sentence. In the case of respected veteran White House reporter Helen Thomas, not joining the conga line of conformity spelt rapid retirement.

And when the freedom of the press is so compromised, so is the entire nation. Over the last three years, as independent Uranus in single minded Aries has squared Pluto, alternative news sources have expanded through the electronic Internet. The unquestioning acceptance of manipulative media moguls like Rupert Murdoch and his ilk has rapidly eroded. A different Middle East narrative has replaced the establishment version. It's starting to make sense that invading countries like Libya are more about oil grabs and currency protection, than saving or bettering the lives of the ordinary Libyan.

Or that the Syrian civil war was fuelled by outside players and rich pipeline deals more than internal insurrection. A clear pattern is emerging that has contradicted the fabrications that mainstream media portrays. From August , Mercury, the planet governing the dissemination of information, has progressed to stationary direct in the national horoscope of the USA. It has been in retrograde motion since September , not long after the inception of the World Wide Web. Netscape Navigator was released two months later, followed by Windows 95 and Internet Explorer.

The ensuing years have witnessed enormous changes to the world of journalism and the way people source information. Comey and Intelligence Chief James R. Clapper Jr. It may well be true. But as this is reported in the mainstream Washington Post — half of America won't believe it. The irony of it all is that the CIA have cultivated a reputation for unrelenting interference in the political processes of other nations. So whether it is true or not, the ongoing compromises of mainstream media may as well have it in the comic section.

What a dramatic change from Clark Kent fighting for truth, justice and the American way. Life just isn't the same anymore at the Daily Planet. It was a state secret that even the United States claimed they new nothing about. On October 18 an energy deal was finalised between ExxonMobile and the Kurdistan Regional Government for the development of six oil fields in northern Iraq.

There was one major hurdle. It violated the law of the land. The rogue corporation had bypassed the Iraq Ministry of Oil in search of a bigger cut of the pie. A month later, there was let's say, an oil leak. So was Washington when he informed them. No local governorate had the authority to sign off on a contract on oil that belongs to all Iraqis. And Exxon knew it well before the bargaining began. It would rob the central government of massive slice of revenue and further destabilise the country's new and fragile democracy.

Tillerson knew that the Kurds, wanting to start a breakaway nation, would welcome the contracts and the money. National sovereignty or unity were the last things on his mind. So what has this to do with the future of Iraq today? Donald Trump speaking at Iowa on November 12 said, 'I'd blow up the pipes, I'd blow up the refineries.

I'd blow up every single inch. There would be nothing left and you know what? You get Exxon to come in there and within two months, you ever see how good these guys are, the great oil companies. They'll rebuild that sucker brand new. And I'd ring it and I'd take the oil. As I said..

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I'll take the oil. And Donald appointed Tillerson. Shades of George W without the denials. I wonder how the media are planning on packaging that one to the public. Stay tuned. Ever noticed how the job security of national leadership has been taking a battering lately. Then there was David Cameron Italy's Mario Renzi was a slow learner on that one. Staking your reputation on referendums is political suicide these days.

People just cannot bear being told how to think. Renzi handed in his resignation last Monday after falling on his sword. Of course there are lessons for Cameron and Renzi. And for Mr Renzi, you don't offer a referendum when the same insubordinate Uranus squares your career orientated Capricorn Sun.

And especially when global political instability is the order of the day. Ghana's President John Mahama conceded defeat in last week's election. There are some though who believe in vehemently bucking the trend. In Gambia President Yahya Jammeh fiercely challenges the outcome of last week's election, after earlier conceding defeat. After 22 years in the job, old habits and opponents die hard. Says Jammeh, "After a thorough investigation, I have decided to reject the outcome of the recent election.

I lament serious and unacceptable abnormalities which have reportedly transpired during the electoral process. Recounts and allegations of irregularities and even Russian interference. Jammeh is calling for another poll, putting a right damper on national celebrations. These wild and crazy times come as the looming T-Square of judicial Jupiter, jack-in-the box Uranus and power hungry Pluto comes close to reforming in the heavens.

Watch out for this around December the 19th when Jupiter and Uranus complete the first of three oppositions, Mercury heads into reverse gear and fiery Mars changes from universal Aquarius into sacrificial Pisces. It will conjunct the USA Moon as it does. This will set the scene for a political roller coaster right through until April , with late February and early March the climax.

It's when people lose their heads. Sometimes literally. When the guillotine fell at Robespierre was born with Jupiter and Pluto together in square to Uranus. He led the 'Reign of Terror' that characterised the French Revolution, until he too suffered the same fate as his former king.

It's more recent appearances were in the early to mid 's and from August through to the Grand Cross of late April Both periods had a notable effect on France. On the evening of February 6 , with the T-Square highly active, far-right forces began an anti-government protests that turned into a full-scale riot. The cause of the unrest was a mysterious suicide and a political scandal that ran all the way to the top.

The supposed suicide was Alexandre Stavisky, a Polish Jew, whose parents had migrated from the Ukraine. His dubious businesses interests included a gambling den and being the owner of several pawnshops. Stavisky had also ingratiated himself into influential financial circles selling worthless bonds.

He was eventually being put on trial for fraud amounting to the equivalent of six million pounds. Nineteen times the trial was delayed. Before it was again due for hearing, Stavisky was found dead, with two bullet wounds to the head. The official cause of death was suicide. But news of government involvement in the scandal, led to rioting in the streets.

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Shortly before the trial began a senior judge, who was also to be a witness, was given a bogus telegram claiming his mother was very ill. After he responded to the bait, his body was discovered on a railway line close to Dijon. His marriage dissolved as rumours of clandestine affairs went public. The far right parties increased their numbers with massive swings in municipal elections.

The same period saw right wing politicians lead the Ukrainian Revolution. As the formation reappears, we see a political swing toward the hard right in Europe. With the French elections due in April of , President Hollande was another of the political leaders to announce he won't be recontesting the presidency. It's a feeling that governments, indeed the system has failed. And it can lead to political disunity and disintegration, the rise of the cult of personality and fascist leaders. In a best case scenario, revolutions relieve suppression.

In a worst case scenario Jupiter becomes self righteous extremism, Uranus anarchy and rebellion for the sake of rebellion alone and Pluto destruction. And one union under theat is the EU, although it's not the sole one. Usually there are a combination of factors at work. Back before Christmas of I published this, commenting on the transit of Saturn through Sagittarius. The first major revision of the treaty came when Saturn returned to Sagittarius, and the Single European Act was signed in February coming into effect on July 1 There is another important consideration. This is the first time since that Saturn has followed Pluto into Capricorn, where they will evnetually meet in The over riding political and economic power of Europe back then was the Catholic Church.

But my how those years forever changed the playing field. Power inevitably changes hands and nothing stays the same. For now I leave it up to your judgement. The clue is in recognising the fault lines in that which initially appears united. Austria, recognisant of the danger of extremist politics, last week chose their first Green Leader in Alexander van der Bellen. Although even there, the far right has been a growing force, despite the lessons of WWII. They are looking for a balance between economy and ecology.

A step towards a new and different future.

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More importantly, they are showing that the future doesn't have to be a mindless re-run of the past. It was early in the year , when an astrological friend from New York wrote to me, asking if I thought the US was heading down the path of civil war. It was in the wake of the controversial election. An election that was decided by the Supreme Court. And the first in years where the majority vote, albeit by a slim margin, lost.

I based my reply on a traditional timing technique involving sequential Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions. I thought the USA was in for a revolutionary period for at least the next twenty years. The conjunction had direct connections with those of which lead to the formation of the nation and , when the country was bitterly split, north and south.

Some states could even contemplate leaving the union. My astro-buddy considered that the political divide was dangerously fracturing the social fabric. The threat, at least to him, was from within. But such internal reflection was abruptly interrupted. The events of September refocused Americans on the enemy without. The common nemesis united the nation behind their leader. Nineteen terrorists changed the world. By late there was little thought of a DisUnited States.

Meantime the social division drifted on, silently…stealthily. Civil liberties were disappearing, virtually unchallenged. Inequality, and cashed up lobby groups, expanded. Wartime privations, such as the surveillance of personal mail, were taken for granted. The very freedoms that the country had stood and fought for, began fading overnight. The individual was becoming dutifully disempowered by central command. By , Jupiter and Saturn were due to reach their revelatory opposition point.

During the preceding year Saturn and Uranus had also formed the first of three oppositions. At the beginning of a Saturn-Uranus cycle democracy rules. Conjunctions marked the start of the original Athenian democratic revolution, the English Magna Carta and the dissolution of the Soviet Empire. In contrast the opposition phase impedes democracy. Early , the US Supreme Court decisively changed the electoral process. They introduced unlimited funding, via Superpacs. Their only responsibility was to tell you who was doing the buying.

And big business bought in to politics like never before. The decision was handed down on January 21 Less than a week before, a rather momentous event took place. The longest annular eclipse of the entire 21st century! The astrological implication is the eclipse of leadership.

But it was the planetary opposition points that truly depicted this great divide between a system and its people. By , as Jupiter and Saturn came into square, the two most unpopular candidates in living memory became the electoral choice. Inequality could hardly be more obvious. The election delivered an even greater disparity between the people's will and the 'system'. This time by a whopping two and a half million votes. Californians in America's richest and most populous state are examining ways to become a separate republic. Shades of our exchange. All of this is the accelerant of change.

He ignites national anger and frustration. For first time readers, let me recount the ways. Trump accepted the Republican nomination at T he repetitious Mars connections are undeniable and obviously dangerous - even for Trump. The reasons for the US Civil War revolved around inequality and economics. The south refused to relinquish an exploitative slave system that was their financial lifeblood.

The north were industrial capitalists. Resistance proved useless and made change cathartic, rather than natural and progressive. One of the propellants of the Civil War - true to this Gemini connection - was the most widely read novel of its time. Multiple connections are an imperative. It played a pivotal role in the national narrative that preceded the war.

Donald Trump and Harriet Beecher Stowe could hardly be more different. Yet they share a cosmic connection. Geopolitically, they also identify with the north and the south, which may be pure coincidence. But it defines the areas of greatest political polarity today, just as it did a century and a half ago. I see both as individual playing a role in the larger collective and accelerating the revolutionary process. The issues are similar in essence, involving an entrenched and outmoded capital system, fast becoming obsolete. One that has outlived its time, in the eyes of the majority. Typically, before the end of something, we experience what I term the supernova effect.

There is a flare up of a dying entity, making it appear bigger and brighter. By that stage it has actually exploded. The central mass which held it together is decaying outward. Eventually new stars are born from the debris. For the astrology student it may pay to note that the Jupiter Saturn conjunction is repeating a grand cycle connected back to the conjunction preceding the Magna Carta. Both conjunctions were in late Taurus at 23 and 26 degrees respectively and both squared rebellious Uranus.

The whole year sequence has rebooted. He can either dismantle the inequities of the political and capital system currently in operation, or he can try to reinforce it. Only the former will work in the long run. Making America great again has nothing to do with clinging to its past.

The South learned that the hard way. Tomorrow is the terminator of the old, unjust and obsolete. A new world awaits, even if it requires a revolution. NOV On January 30 , the direction of the world dramatically changed. Shortly after 11, that morning in Berlin, Adolf Hitler was sworn in as Chancellor. Hitler was a man of little political experience who held enormous sway with the masses during a time of economic turmoil. A classic anti-hero who assiduously channeled national discontent for his own purpose. And so began the Third Reich.

Hitler was Uranian by nature — the planet was rising at his birth. He had already been incarcerated for mutinous behavior, which further emboldened his grandiose plans. January 30 was the moment of power he had been waiting for all of his adult life. A moment that many celebrated and plenty dreaded. And one set to darken the course of the 20th century. June 17 marked the Uranus return of the birth of the Third Reich. It was the first time that chaotic Uranus had returned to the place it held over 82 years before. And just like , Uranus returned again in a challenging square with ominous and reformative Pluto.

Most people would have been blissfully unaware of any peculiar coincidence. But there was. The day before the Uranus return - at There are some weird parallels in the zeitgeist. Yet analysts, totally devoid of any astrological connection, have already made comparisons. Click here for the Uranus return chart with Trump's campaign launch.

They handed him their power. And like Hitler, Trump won, not by a majority vote, but by cleverly exploiting the state system. His fiery rhetoric, emphasizing all of the negatives, purposely stirred such emotions, incited violence and created the division he so desperately needed. Hitler too was born into the Uranus Pluto cycle, having the two planets tightly sesquisquare degrees , within ten minutes of arc. And although the evidence is painfully obvious to me now, I was one caught off guard.

It most certainly did. I thought that he would achieve his objective. Yet I had convinced myself that he was in the race for something other than the national leadership.

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Virtually to the point that Trump and Clinton were in this together - a double act for the big end of town. That may still be the case, but he is now doing it from the most powerful position on the planet. What other country would accept such an abuse of voter faith, under the premise of Father knows best? December 19 is the day the voters of the Electoral College determine who will be the next US President. Already there are rumours of dissension amongst some. This is also the day that Mercury turns retrograde in corporate Capricorn. It does so just before it reaches the complete conjunction with Pluto.

The interesting correlation is that on December 12 , as Mercury completed a conjunction to Pluto, the US Supreme Court interrupted a Florida recount and awarded the presidency to George W. Bush, with a close count of 5 to 4. Mars will also move to oppose his Mars. This double opposition certainly suggests spirited resistance. However, in saying that, they are otherwise well angled to the rest of his horoscope.

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More challenging may be the period right before inauguration day. At this time agitating Mars squares off to his birth Sun as Saturn simultaneously opposes it. This current planetary precedent pits Pluto in opposition to that decade. Time to see through the Reichstag fires, existential threats and false flag assassination attempts that are a prelude to the removal of civil rights.

History serves as an example not to repeat such mistakes. A tyrant like Hitler rode the spirit of his times. Others sacrificed their combined will in the vain hope a so-called savior, whose blind ambition in turn sacrificed his country. Surely, the collective consciousness of humanity is not so susceptible to such mass psychosis again.

Hitler set his nation on a path of self-interest and military increase that initially made him look an all-conquering hero. But one Jupiter expansionary cycle after his Third Reich began, the nation lay broken, divided and governed by outside influences. Too big to fail, as the Soviets rapidly discovered, is an urban myth. Soon it will be Donald Trump is not Adolf Hitler and history never repeats in exactly the same way. But there are enough peculiar parallels in the sky to indicate a degree of truth between the comparisons.

When most Americans awoke to the sobering reality of a Donald Trump presidency, there was much ado in the first published horoscope of the USA. Countries, like people, have horoscopes. They correspond to the very beginning of a nation, or a revolutionary change in the national government and constitution. The USA celebrate their birthday as July 4.

It claimed a time of The approximate time was further supported via the memoirs of Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding fathers. He claimed the Declaration of Independence, which he authored, was co-signed by John Hancock, the President of the Congress and became legal and binding by late afternoon. The USA horoscope has accurately portrayed the development of the nation. The Civil War, which led to more American casualties than all others combined, was depicted by sacrificial Neptune at the base of the chart and rebellious Uranus entering the seventh house of war.

That the same two planets would reactivate the sensitive horoscope angles for such historical events is hardly coincidence. The Midheaven of the US horoscope was again highly active, via the successful scientific combination of Jupiter and Uranus, on July 20 as Neil Armstrong planted an American footprint on the Moon's surface. That technological wonder remains a high point of national achievement and status.

Yet perhaps some kind of great aviation first could have been forecast prior, if one had noted the same two planets at the very base of the US chart for Charles Lindbergh's first flight across the Atlantic in the Spirit of St Louis of May 20 That momentuous journey pioneered the future of international flight. The effectiveness of Sibly's horoscope was again shown with the tragedy of September 11 Simultaneously aggressive Mars squared the Midheaven. Yet even that event had a precursor. On that occasion a terrorist act blew the US Maine out of the water in Havana.

The Sibly horoscope of the USA has even been responsive to the unusual death rate of serving Presidents. In six of the eight cases dissipating Neptune was making a tight and difficult aspect with the US Midheaven - the symbol of national leadership and administration. It did. Much stronger than the candidate's personal charts. Uranus virtually guarantees the unexpected. In fact that happened on the very day of the election - November 8 Donald Trump, born June 14 Mike Pence is a Gemini.

But that's not quite as symbolic as the divided nation that has followed their victory. Gemini is dual natured. It's the sign of the twins. This is the first time in history that the US Midheaven has progressed into this sign. But the Midheaven's progression has been reasonably true to the national direction in the past. From the start of the 20th century the US Midheaven had just progressed into Aquarius.

The Aquarian phase brought greater international gains via the Spanish American War as the US increased its global territory and influence. It also featured the Wright Bros first flight, Henry Ford and the burgeoining auto industry and pioneered an age of invention. Coincident with the Midheaven progressing into Pisces, during November , the Great Depression struck. Here the entrepreneurial nation was forced to adopt a more socially inclusive approach, stressing compassion charity and co-operation. The Pisces period also featured internal division- perhaps symbolic of the two fish swimming in different directions.

As the Midheaven opposed socialistic Neptune in critical Virgo, the McCarthy era widened the political divide. The Red Scare was typical of Neptunian rumour and scandal, with little basis in fact. It was a period of increased military build up against the Soviet Union. It would lead to another war of their own making - Vietnam.

This war escalated sharply as the progressing Midheaven came to meet the combative progressing Mars during and It was symbolically depicted by the release of 'Wall St' the same year. The late 80's were the years of the greed is good 'yuppie' and a concentration on material wealth. The collapse of the Soviet states produced a unipolar world, with the US dollar and markets providing the financial hub.

This new Gemini phase is uncharted territory but it does offer some clues. The first being the equally divided nature of the country, so obvious from the last election. Gemini will also demand more flexibility and is indicative of the information age, power of the press and social media. Could it also suggest two presidents in one term? What is promised in the bigger picture is the eventual meeting of the Midheaven with Uranus. That casts a revolutionary feel upon the years through It promises a radical shake up of the administration and national direction.

It should also have ramifications for space travel and exploration. This article obviously just touches on the perimeters of the subject and I'll have much more to write in future columns. As for now I have an early morning lecture to deliver - at 7. Nov There's nothing quite like landing in America on election night. There's certainly a big buzz happening. Not exactly of the killer bee kind but it almost got that way.

Especially when Donald Trump got over the line as the new President. It's no big surprise. There was never going to be much in the race, although I thought Clinton could make it. Hillary may have won the popular vote - she currently leads by over , now - but that's not what takes the candy over the dated Electoral College method. The elephant in the room on her horoscope was the progressing Sun and Mercury's square to Neptune. I rate it as the great disappointment. And I thought it could have still applied, even had she secured the oval office.

It's no walk in the park. A Sun Neptune aspect is often associated with lowered vitality and illness. That's something that cast Neptunian shadows of doubt around Clinton, well before election day. The Sun square Neptune also represents the mistrust that the public felt concerning her candidacy right from the start.

The stepping down was always the prelude to a fresh campaign. And on Sunday April 12 , precisely as the Sun semisquared deceptive Neptune, the Clinton inevitable announcement came through. She had to get past him first. While Sanders message filled stadiums, Clinton's mainstream meander struggled to draw crowds. But the Democratic machine didn't want to acknowledge that. Leaked party emails proved they saw Sanders as a hindrance. While Donald Trump was talking of building walls, the Democrats actually built one.

To keep the 'Sanderites' out of their convention. At But it was hardly by choice. The big mistake was cutting Sanders right out of the race. Again it reeks of Neptune, the planet of socialist politics. If you don't flow with the Neptune, it works against you. Sanders could have been an aid. He could have added commitment, experience and integrity.

But politics lost the day. Obama was another who lent on Bernie to throw in the towel and definitely not to run as an independent. The President believes some things are too big to fail. His lesson now is - the Democrats failed. There's a potent message in all of that. They were voting against 'a broken system'. The Republicans didn't want Trump, every bit as the Democrats didn't want Sanders. Now he is their President. The biggest message is listen to the people. If you don't, they will throw a hand grenade into the White House.

And that's exactly what they've done. Donald Trump has blown the lid off party machines, advisers and number crunching bureaucrats. Systemic corruption has landed Donald Trump the leadership of America by default. The transit of restrictive Saturn will also oppose his birth Sun throughout We are going to see a different Trump. He will be more restrained, evidenced even in his victory speech from 2. Trump's showbiz progressing Leo Sun has moved into the worker bee Virgo sign. There's a big job ahead. It's something he's never encountered before.

Cancer Rising

There are rules and regulations that will hamstring and curtail Trump's natural Sun-Uranus, 'my way or the highway' style. The checks and balances of working within an old established system will test out his talent of making the deal. As Jupiter naturally trines his Sun, this is a lucky and expansive time.

His progressed Moon meeting Venus, virtually right on swearing in day of January 20 is further astro-evidence of his win. But perhaps the biggest plus was his solar arcing Pluto coming to join his Jupiter, making the transiting return all that much stronger. Both candidates obviously had plenty of planetary plusses, which is what elevates them into the public eye so much. I always figured that Trump was in this for other ulterior reasons. I didn't think he seriously wanted the job as much as to show up the system. That he had another, more lucrative end gain in mind.

And that he surely would achieve that end. Having said that, his horoscope for the year ahead has far more plusses than not. Apart from some challenges in August of with a Solar Eclipse on his Mars and somber Saturn moving across his Moon, Trump looks to be able to accomplish his objectives. Let's hope it also bodes well for America. It played into the violence, gun culture and militaristic mentality. I thought it dangerous for overseas conflicts as well as for Trump himself. And it certainly played into the narrative of America's anger. That's where the moderation is needed. Listen to the people, instead of trying to constantly manipulate their thinking.

The people have had enough of that. And they've thrown a Tyrannosaurus Rex into your congressional coliseum. Let the games begin. Politics will never be the same again. Nov 6. One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness. The other, to total extinction. Let us pray we have the wisdom to choose correctly. They deliberately leave it as ambiguous as possible. Even Nostradamus was so vague on those quatrains that experts are still arguing over them. Sure, he was clear-cut about his own death. I do have some personal advice for the combatants.

Sometimes we get lucky. But not for four years! There are other presidential roles that haven't been advertised yet. Now Hillary. If you win it could be twelve years of Clintons onto twelve years of Bushes, with a brief break for the change we ended up not believing in. Couldn't you do something spectacularly different. After the swearing in of course — just to prove a point. Why not make your next world trip a 'real' holiday. And the alternatives? Tim Kaine?

Looks eerily like the Joker with that unhinged smile. And while on Gotham City. Earnest Mike Pence is the perfect straight man. Straighter than Commissioner Gordon. Should they form a comedy duo to unite the parties? It might get America smiling again. Now down to more serious astro-cycle stuff. The division that currently characterizes American politics can be linked to two planets. The first is firebrand Mars. Trump owns this one of course. He was born with Mars rising.

Those rants have gone viral like a raging bushfire. The other is Mercury, the planet of communication and commercial transactions. She has had some handy business deals and connections too. And if her morning birthtime of near 8 am is correct — Hillary has Mercury rising.

Mercury and Mars are together repeating a recurrence cycle that replicates every 79 years. Meaning the two planets do the same thing, in the same sign, on virtually the same calendar dates. So they mirror the inclination to articulate Mercury anger Mars in a similar manner. Passions stirred can blur the facts. Reasoning is influence by impulse. There is a trend of jumping to conclusions without sorting through detail.

The obvious standout is This was the year of the famous Lincoln-Douglas debates. There were seven in all. They centered on the divisive issue of slavery. It was an issue so contentious that it eventually drove the country down the road to civil war. It will become all one thing or all the other. Roosevelt launched a plan to replace the aging conservatives with younger and more liberal judges. But has seen both candidates protesting against the FBI.

And the FBI trying to influence an election. The same cycle polarised way back in The newly formed nation was in the midst of a revolutionary war. A senior war general, General Benedict Arnold, had secretly switched sides in May and was spying for the British. Benedict had plans to surrender West Point to the enemy. The plot was uncovered the following year and Arnold defected. Perceptions and deceptions abound. And everyone has an opinion.. And frankly most people are getting sick of getting told how to think. Well…not quite. But it could get to that extreme. You already have my view.

Planetwise, I think Hillary will get the nod on Tuesday. That's based on her venus and Jupiter cycles, plus planetary phase. Physically it is related to the throat. Get your Free Aries Love Horoscope for zodiac compatibility pisces man scorpio woman day today. We propose you this astrological study of the Aquarius relationship horoscope to help you understand the behavior of Aquarius people in a love relationship.

Plethora of work will annoy you. Cancerian women are among the most refined sensual and dreaming. Planting an annual bed allows room for different style of garden bed each year. En plus vos 7 chiffres de Chance pour vos jeux! But the rat did not so the cat missed the race and was not assigned to the zodiac year. Among the remaining animals they first chose the buffalo as their leader. Femeile din Sagetator snt niste adevarate Shirley Temple.

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Are we compatible? How to use astrology to explore your unique partner and relationship. Astro : les meilleures surprises en City: No Information. The Story of Jesus Christ. I can find a couple from almost every other zodiac matching except this one. Free Chinese Astrology and Horoscopes from Horoscope. Rating: 4. On the 14th Saturn your ruling planet will go retrograde. Cancer Friendship. Choose from 12 birthstone colors. Cancer Horoscope will tell you about the upcoming year. Looking for free lia horoscopes and yearly lia astrology?

The Moon wanes from the 3rd to the 17th: good for finishing up projects and tying up loose ends. As per Astrology Moon Signs signify the mind. Aries Horoscope for — Diana Garland. Horoscop general — 17 Martie March will see the decisiveness and confidence for the month of the Virgin.

It is an exceptional period for all Chinese animal signs. Other features of the Pisces free horoscope planetary positions sagittarius march monthly horoscope: English name: The Fish. In the horoscope system new year starts on the first solar term date Lichun which is around Feuary 4 not the Chinese new year date.

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