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Decans or Decanates - Planet Rulers

Increased Exposure The Full Moon in Libra suggests that several of your close, personal relationships are in full view now. Any misstep by your love interest will reflect on you as well. This is a good time to go public with a romance or to reveal the terms of your partnership to the world.

Quality of Company Now, you are judged based on the people you choose to associate with, so make sure everyone that you spend time with is up to scratch. A Welcome Mentor The conjunction from Chiron indicates this is the time of year for both giving and receiving. Instead, they will rather jump in the middle of the action, led by a strong will, an unbreakable level of self-confidence and an aggressive personality that bares no shackles.

Arians are determined and hold well-defined sets of moral values. As long as they believe in them, you will not be able to change their mind easily. Their fulminant character is fueled by Mars, the dominant planet, which tends to make them unpredictable at times.

They still have to maintain the impression of potent, worthy leaders, both within their families and in the social groups they are part of. With regards to romantic relationships, Arians born in decan 1 stay true to their most intimate nature. Having a strong sense of humor and a unique propensity towards realism, Arians have no problems with building strong, long-lasting relationships.

That is, as long as they are allowed the freedom to express themselves. Try to contain their wild temperament and you are doomed to fail miserably. Aries Decan 2: March 31 st — April 10 th The second decan lies under the influence of the Sun the governor of the Leo. This instils new qualities into those born in this period, the prevalent one being creativity. It is just as impetuous and explosive as the very wild nature of your everyday Arian and it is this innate inclination towards creativity that steers their lives sometimes abruptly.

Their potential is immense and the fact that they are positive, dynamic and daring just adds up to whole. Being born under the Sun , Arians of decan 2 share some of its warmth as they tend to shine above all others.

What's a "Decan" in Astrology?

They are proud, energetic and passionate about everything they do. Once Arietians have attained worldly success upon the Ordinary Wheel, they look down upon other people from their powerful positions. Outside of their immediate sympathies they will not lift a finger to help anybody or anything. The Aries mind loves to exercise military type authority, control and power over lesser minds. Within the limited scope of personal power and the range of personal desire therefore, the power to influence, sway, guide and hold others is gained.

They love to be admired or adored. They love nothing more than to exercise their persuasive minds when people seek their advice.

Aries Decan 3 ~ Apr 9 to 19 (20º-30º)

They are good at giving someone else a piece of their own mind, so to speak, but give little else. They express at times, a truly elitist contempt for others and belittle those less successful and fortunate. A real handsome, strong, rugged, superior individualism emerges here along with a rough but perhaps dangerously disengaging maverick quality.

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

A magnetic, charming character bent on going its own way and doing its own thing comes to the forefront. Some women cannot help but be attracted to—and are often abused by—this type of man. In this way he proves his virility, masculinity and machismo.

The female Arietian on the other hand, will fight to insulate, protect, heal, nurture, shield and guard her man, thus proving the potency of her femininity. In both sexes, individual life-purpose is still totally centered in the realm of personal selfish desire, with the formulated intention of its own satisfaction and assuagement. These dreams are concerned with personal happiness, passions, comfort and wealth leading eventually to nothing less than the attainment of consummated desire of all and everything on the physical plane. Thus do dominant Aries personalities come into being and find themselves; they discover the distinction between their true self and the personality equipment employed; they finally become conscious of vocation in the true sense of the term.

Paralleling this sequential development is the slow inner growth of soul awareness. At the advanced mental stage the law of actions and their consequences, the inevitable harvest of the fruits of our deeds, is now beginning to be understood. Once the Ram has a well-founded belief in these principles he or she automatically avoids doing wrong and becomes properly oriented, guided and motivated.

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Although Jupiter does ultimately guarantee the satisfaction of selfish personality desire and material ambition, philanthropy will begin to occupy the foremost place in the mind where previously only professional zeal and a keen appreciation of personal glory had reigned supreme. In the final analysis, Jupiter spells release from negativity and blind unintelligent acceptance. Especially in situations where civil or religious freedom is being curtailed, the insightful mind of the Ram will be found actively engaged. What is demanded of the Aries man or woman at the advanced mental stage of personality development is not acquiescence and acceptance, but rather correct activity and free choice based on the separation of the good and high values and truths from the low and undesirable.

Two Third Decan Aries.

At their best, advanced Arietian personalities are highly educated, widely-traveled, multi-lingual, international, cosmopolitan, refined, enthusiastic, interesting, versatile, diplomatic, caring, positive, open, affectionate, independent, intuitive, responsible, innovative, skillful, technically competent, proficient, organized, generous, honorable, fair, controlled, inspirational, expressive, socially adept, pragmatic, goal-oriented, sincere, good-natured, lively, successful, magnetic, colorful, visionary and imaginative.

An integrated Ram personality demonstrates a lucidity of clear perception and an inclusiveness which aspires to a comprehensive point of view. A real tact has been evolved along with wonderful manners, good taste, etiquette, tolerance, patience, serenity, empathy, sympathy and compassion. The power to teach and illumine is gained along with an ever expanding and unfolding love of knowledge, wisdom and truth. This increases receptivity and impressionability, thus cultivating an exquisitely developing artistic sensitiveness.

The Aries male emerges as a gentleman; perhaps a veritable diamond in the rough, but a real gentleman nonetheless. The refined Aries makes a truly wonderful and accomplished host or hostess loving to entertain, party, dine or feast at home.

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In this way, if you can tolerate their personal manner and charisma, they are truly generous and magnanimous to friends and family. The finer things in life—such as art, wine, food or beautiful women—are appreciated, sought after, enjoyed and collected. Jupiterian mental enhancement of the thinking process produces an efficient, precise mind capable of organization and understanding. Eventually this mind blossoms into a realm of fruitful and useful stimulating activity in the world.

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decan ariese horoscope Decan ariese horoscope
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