House grouping in kp astrology

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

For each subject matter, the author gives specific rules for judgment and then supplies consistent analysis of relevant cuspal sub lords, joint dasa period lords and transit. The result is one of the most comprehensive horary astrology books with support of eighty five case studies. Prashna Jyotish is a unique K. It is based on the significations of the relevant cuspal sub lord and joint dasa period lords at all the three levels of planet, star and sub according to the sub lord theory as referenced to the K.

Readers I to VI. The true K.

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Transit MOON in Aspects to Natal SATURN

Very good book on kp astrology, highly recommended. Easy and lucid methods for forecasting future. Many different cases are taken.

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  5. Nirav Panchal Jun, Have doubts regarding this product? Post your question. The life of an individual is the combination of happiness and sorrows. The sorrows may be in the form of inability to get a child or a job, money loss, professional difficulties or household conflicts and so on. There is a Dosha which creates many problems for a person. It is known as Pitra Dosha. A replied- 9th house is also for higher education and philosophy, he does not have any kind of education.

    Pitr dosha affects the lineage, he has one daughter as of now, time will tell whether he will get any son in the future…………….. The most common mistake, astrologers do is to judge a chart by way of money. My family ancestors also did the same mistake, but today when I see, all those charts that have been said as excellent by astrologers only have money, but several other factors in life have been affected.

    Mark had decided to hack the database of Harvard, where the students uploaded their profile pictures. Shub Youktai Shubhairdrishte Yogakarakasanyuktai…. Money from spouse is gift of 8th house. But it is not correct. Hidden things are seen from 8th house and it is 2nd to 7th house. It is hidden for you.

    House Grouping

    A mere tangible gift of the 8th house is receiving money from purse or pocket of your spouse. Find out where the cusp falls. If the sub lord of the cusp is in the constellation of the planet who is the significator of Badhaka and Maraka sthanas, boldly declare that he is dead. The number given by the querist shows his lagna. The query may be for the querist himself or for some relative or friend. To son or daughter take 5th. To wife or partner take 7th.

    KP Jyotish 10th House Rules | KP System Learning KP Astrology Books Tutorial Course

    It will be highly appreciated if you share your research findings with forum members. I had also mentioned that — chart is rotated is the right answer beyond any doubt , if Horary chart is prepared on the basis of number uttered by consultant. It is immaterial as to when chart is prepared in respect of this thread.

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    Because there is issue if chart has to be rotated or not. Take query of theft and recovery from reader VI. Further property lost will be judged by houses 2,6,11 counted from the houses indicating the thief.

    house grouping in kp astrology House grouping in kp astrology
    house grouping in kp astrology House grouping in kp astrology
    house grouping in kp astrology House grouping in kp astrology
    house grouping in kp astrology House grouping in kp astrology
    house grouping in kp astrology House grouping in kp astrology
    house grouping in kp astrology House grouping in kp astrology

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