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Tools palette and Contextual menu:. Maps and Graphics:.


Learn Astrology > Planet Uranus in Your Natal Chart or Horoscope

Astro-PC displays a significant number of data tables. Among them are:. Delineation texts:. Astro-PC Basic version allows you to create and view delineation texts for the following areas:. The delineation files are sold blank.

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You may either fill them with your own astrological delineations, or purchase those compiled by Aureas primarily in French, but also in other languages in the future. Texts can be edited at your discretion and are sold separately.

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Program Environment:. Software package containing one CD-Rom. Sample Charts:. To download a demo version: click here. All the capabilities of the basic version:.

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Date Searches for prognosis and research :. Aspectarian functions:. The professional version allows you to get the delineation texts of the following areas:. Although not discussed often in Uranian and symmetrical astrology and perhaps not widely known, there are 3 ways in which the same two planets from two charts such as a transiting and natal charts for example can combine together to form a planetary picture: 1 Midpoint-Midpoint, 2 Same Angle, and 3 Composite Chart Alignment.

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  7. In Time Line Format you can select all planetary pictures or only those involving the same planets and you can select any of these three kinds planetary pictures involving these planets. Shown below are planetary pictures formed between the transits and progressed chart and that involve the same planets:.

    What is Uranian astrology? - Midpoint - Transneptunian Planets - Alfred Witte

    The next influence shows that the transiting Sun-Mercury angle is the same as the progressed Sun-Mercury angle on 6 June and 20 June and it is in orb from 4 June to 24 June The 7th influence in the listing shows the third kind of planetary picture that can form between the same two planets: an opposition of Venus and Neptune in the composite chart of the transiting planets and progressed planets.

    This feature of Sirius allows you to easily see the most important planetary pictures being formed between transiting and natal planets, or between progressed and natal planets, or as shown above beween transiting and progressed planets. The ability to obtained this detailed and specific information in a very easy-to-read format makes it possible for many astrologers to see astrological influences based on the principles of symmetrical astrology and Uranian astrology much more easily than was possible before. For example, you can place midpoint lines in AstroMaps, include midpoint structures in the AstroSignature Forecast Graph, and do research on midpoint structures in the research section of Kepler and Sirius.

    Most of these features are in both Kepler and Sirius, but there are some features, such as an exploratory feature that displays what midpoint-to-midpoint patterns appear most often in a group of charts that is available only in Sirius. Also some features are more easily customized in Sirius than in Kepler. For example, when customizing a 90 Degree Dial wheel or when customizing the planets, aspects, and other selections in Sirius, the screens have been improved by making them simpler, sharper, and easier to navigate through.

    The URANIAN ASTROLOGY INSTITUTE (C) Beacon |ProfSoftware

    There is no end to software development, whether it is in adding features or improving the ability to customize features, and there are many small improvements throughout Sirius that in total make a big difference. Kepler is very easy to use and very intuitive and Sirius uses the same simple layout and concepts, but improvements have been made throughout the program. Graphic Ephemeris: The Graphic Ephemeris in Kepler is very flexible, allowing you to place natal, transiting, and progressed planets in the graphic ephemeris. You can select more than one natal chart, a return chart, more than one progressed chart, etc.

    Some of the new features of Sirius are the ability to place midpoint lines, lines that indicate the angular distance between planets, and asteroids in the graphic ephemeris. Interactive 90 Degree Dials or degree, etc. When astrologers and students of astrology learn about dials they typically they wonder why one would wish to spin a dial to see midpoint structures when one can obtain midpoint tree diagrams and see precisely when midpoint structures are starting, are exact, and end in the Time Line Format.

    However, when Uranian astrology was developed, these software tools were not available and some astrologers have become very adept at using dials and find them to be very useful. For these astrologers we have included the interactive 90 degree dial. Duolingo Spanish Podcast. The Jordan B.

    Peterson Podcast. Jordan B Peterson. The Tony Robbins Podcast. Tony Robbins. The Life Coach School Podcast.

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