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And just like , Uranus returned again in a challenging square with ominous and reformative Pluto. Most people would have been blissfully unaware of any peculiar coincidence. But there was. The day before the Uranus return - at There are some weird parallels in the zeitgeist. Yet analysts, totally devoid of any astrological connection, have already made comparisons. Click here for the Uranus return chart with Trump's campaign launch.

They handed him their power. And like Hitler, Trump won, not by a majority vote, but by cleverly exploiting the state system. His fiery rhetoric, emphasizing all of the negatives, purposely stirred such emotions, incited violence and created the division he so desperately needed. Hitler too was born into the Uranus Pluto cycle, having the two planets tightly sesquisquare degrees , within ten minutes of arc.

And although the evidence is painfully obvious to me now, I was one caught off guard. It most certainly did. I thought that he would achieve his objective. Yet I had convinced myself that he was in the race for something other than the national leadership. Virtually to the point that Trump and Clinton were in this together - a double act for the big end of town. That may still be the case, but he is now doing it from the most powerful position on the planet. What other country would accept such an abuse of voter faith, under the premise of Father knows best?

December 19 is the day the voters of the Electoral College determine who will be the next US President. Already there are rumours of dissension amongst some. This is also the day that Mercury turns retrograde in corporate Capricorn. It does so just before it reaches the complete conjunction with Pluto. The interesting correlation is that on December 12 , as Mercury completed a conjunction to Pluto, the US Supreme Court interrupted a Florida recount and awarded the presidency to George W.

Bush, with a close count of 5 to 4. Mars will also move to oppose his Mars. This double opposition certainly suggests spirited resistance. However, in saying that, they are otherwise well angled to the rest of his horoscope. More challenging may be the period right before inauguration day. At this time agitating Mars squares off to his birth Sun as Saturn simultaneously opposes it. This current planetary precedent pits Pluto in opposition to that decade. Time to see through the Reichstag fires, existential threats and false flag assassination attempts that are a prelude to the removal of civil rights.

History serves as an example not to repeat such mistakes. A tyrant like Hitler rode the spirit of his times. Others sacrificed their combined will in the vain hope a so-called savior, whose blind ambition in turn sacrificed his country. Surely, the collective consciousness of humanity is not so susceptible to such mass psychosis again.

Hitler set his nation on a path of self-interest and military increase that initially made him look an all-conquering hero. But one Jupiter expansionary cycle after his Third Reich began, the nation lay broken, divided and governed by outside influences. Too big to fail, as the Soviets rapidly discovered, is an urban myth. Soon it will be Donald Trump is not Adolf Hitler and history never repeats in exactly the same way. But there are enough peculiar parallels in the sky to indicate a degree of truth between the comparisons.

When most Americans awoke to the sobering reality of a Donald Trump presidency, there was much ado in the first published horoscope of the USA. Countries, like people, have horoscopes. They correspond to the very beginning of a nation, or a revolutionary change in the national government and constitution.

The USA celebrate their birthday as July 4. It claimed a time of The approximate time was further supported via the memoirs of Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding fathers. He claimed the Declaration of Independence, which he authored, was co-signed by John Hancock, the President of the Congress and became legal and binding by late afternoon. The USA horoscope has accurately portrayed the development of the nation. The Civil War, which led to more American casualties than all others combined, was depicted by sacrificial Neptune at the base of the chart and rebellious Uranus entering the seventh house of war.

That the same two planets would reactivate the sensitive horoscope angles for such historical events is hardly coincidence. The Midheaven of the US horoscope was again highly active, via the successful scientific combination of Jupiter and Uranus, on July 20 as Neil Armstrong planted an American footprint on the Moon's surface.

That technological wonder remains a high point of national achievement and status. Yet perhaps some kind of great aviation first could have been forecast prior, if one had noted the same two planets at the very base of the US chart for Charles Lindbergh's first flight across the Atlantic in the Spirit of St Louis of May 20 That momentuous journey pioneered the future of international flight. The effectiveness of Sibly's horoscope was again shown with the tragedy of September 11 Simultaneously aggressive Mars squared the Midheaven.

Yet even that event had a precursor. On that occasion a terrorist act blew the US Maine out of the water in Havana. The Sibly horoscope of the USA has even been responsive to the unusual death rate of serving Presidents. In six of the eight cases dissipating Neptune was making a tight and difficult aspect with the US Midheaven - the symbol of national leadership and administration. It did. Much stronger than the candidate's personal charts. Uranus virtually guarantees the unexpected. In fact that happened on the very day of the election - November 8 Donald Trump, born June 14 Mike Pence is a Gemini.

But that's not quite as symbolic as the divided nation that has followed their victory. Gemini is dual natured. It's the sign of the twins. This is the first time in history that the US Midheaven has progressed into this sign. But the Midheaven's progression has been reasonably true to the national direction in the past. From the start of the 20th century the US Midheaven had just progressed into Aquarius. The Aquarian phase brought greater international gains via the Spanish American War as the US increased its global territory and influence. It also featured the Wright Bros first flight, Henry Ford and the burgeoining auto industry and pioneered an age of invention.

Coincident with the Midheaven progressing into Pisces, during November , the Great Depression struck. Here the entrepreneurial nation was forced to adopt a more socially inclusive approach, stressing compassion charity and co-operation. The Pisces period also featured internal division- perhaps symbolic of the two fish swimming in different directions. As the Midheaven opposed socialistic Neptune in critical Virgo, the McCarthy era widened the political divide. The Red Scare was typical of Neptunian rumour and scandal, with little basis in fact. It was a period of increased military build up against the Soviet Union.

It would lead to another war of their own making - Vietnam. This war escalated sharply as the progressing Midheaven came to meet the combative progressing Mars during and It was symbolically depicted by the release of 'Wall St' the same year. The late 80's were the years of the greed is good 'yuppie' and a concentration on material wealth.

The collapse of the Soviet states produced a unipolar world, with the US dollar and markets providing the financial hub. This new Gemini phase is uncharted territory but it does offer some clues. The first being the equally divided nature of the country, so obvious from the last election. Gemini will also demand more flexibility and is indicative of the information age, power of the press and social media.

Could it also suggest two presidents in one term? What is promised in the bigger picture is the eventual meeting of the Midheaven with Uranus. That casts a revolutionary feel upon the years through It promises a radical shake up of the administration and national direction. It should also have ramifications for space travel and exploration. This article obviously just touches on the perimeters of the subject and I'll have much more to write in future columns. As for now I have an early morning lecture to deliver - at 7.

Nov There's nothing quite like landing in America on election night. There's certainly a big buzz happening. Not exactly of the killer bee kind but it almost got that way. Especially when Donald Trump got over the line as the new President. It's no big surprise. There was never going to be much in the race, although I thought Clinton could make it. Hillary may have won the popular vote - she currently leads by over , now - but that's not what takes the candy over the dated Electoral College method.

The elephant in the room on her horoscope was the progressing Sun and Mercury's square to Neptune. I rate it as the great disappointment. And I thought it could have still applied, even had she secured the oval office. It's no walk in the park. A Sun Neptune aspect is often associated with lowered vitality and illness. That's something that cast Neptunian shadows of doubt around Clinton, well before election day. The Sun square Neptune also represents the mistrust that the public felt concerning her candidacy right from the start.

The stepping down was always the prelude to a fresh campaign. And on Sunday April 12 , precisely as the Sun semisquared deceptive Neptune, the Clinton inevitable announcement came through. She had to get past him first. While Sanders message filled stadiums, Clinton's mainstream meander struggled to draw crowds. But the Democratic machine didn't want to acknowledge that. Leaked party emails proved they saw Sanders as a hindrance.

While Donald Trump was talking of building walls, the Democrats actually built one. To keep the 'Sanderites' out of their convention. At But it was hardly by choice. The big mistake was cutting Sanders right out of the race. Again it reeks of Neptune, the planet of socialist politics. If you don't flow with the Neptune, it works against you. Sanders could have been an aid.

He could have added commitment, experience and integrity. But politics lost the day. Obama was another who lent on Bernie to throw in the towel and definitely not to run as an independent. The President believes some things are too big to fail. His lesson now is - the Democrats failed. There's a potent message in all of that. They were voting against 'a broken system'. The Republicans didn't want Trump, every bit as the Democrats didn't want Sanders. Now he is their President. The biggest message is listen to the people.

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If you don't, they will throw a hand grenade into the White House. And that's exactly what they've done. Donald Trump has blown the lid off party machines, advisers and number crunching bureaucrats. Systemic corruption has landed Donald Trump the leadership of America by default.

The transit of restrictive Saturn will also oppose his birth Sun throughout We are going to see a different Trump. He will be more restrained, evidenced even in his victory speech from 2. Trump's showbiz progressing Leo Sun has moved into the worker bee Virgo sign. There's a big job ahead. It's something he's never encountered before. There are rules and regulations that will hamstring and curtail Trump's natural Sun-Uranus, 'my way or the highway' style.

The checks and balances of working within an old established system will test out his talent of making the deal. As Jupiter naturally trines his Sun, this is a lucky and expansive time. His progressed Moon meeting Venus, virtually right on swearing in day of January 20 is further astro-evidence of his win. But perhaps the biggest plus was his solar arcing Pluto coming to join his Jupiter, making the transiting return all that much stronger. Both candidates obviously had plenty of planetary plusses, which is what elevates them into the public eye so much. I always figured that Trump was in this for other ulterior reasons.

I didn't think he seriously wanted the job as much as to show up the system. That he had another, more lucrative end gain in mind. And that he surely would achieve that end. Having said that, his horoscope for the year ahead has far more plusses than not. Apart from some challenges in August of with a Solar Eclipse on his Mars and somber Saturn moving across his Moon, Trump looks to be able to accomplish his objectives.

Let's hope it also bodes well for America. It played into the violence, gun culture and militaristic mentality. I thought it dangerous for overseas conflicts as well as for Trump himself. And it certainly played into the narrative of America's anger. That's where the moderation is needed. Listen to the people, instead of trying to constantly manipulate their thinking. The people have had enough of that. And they've thrown a Tyrannosaurus Rex into your congressional coliseum.

Let the games begin. Politics will never be the same again. Nov 6. One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness. The other, to total extinction. Let us pray we have the wisdom to choose correctly. They deliberately leave it as ambiguous as possible. Even Nostradamus was so vague on those quatrains that experts are still arguing over them. Sure, he was clear-cut about his own death. I do have some personal advice for the combatants. Sometimes we get lucky. But not for four years! There are other presidential roles that haven't been advertised yet.

Now Hillary. If you win it could be twelve years of Clintons onto twelve years of Bushes, with a brief break for the change we ended up not believing in. Couldn't you do something spectacularly different. After the swearing in of course — just to prove a point. Why not make your next world trip a 'real' holiday. And the alternatives?

Tim Kaine? Looks eerily like the Joker with that unhinged smile. And while on Gotham City. Earnest Mike Pence is the perfect straight man. Straighter than Commissioner Gordon.


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Should they form a comedy duo to unite the parties? It might get America smiling again. Now down to more serious astro-cycle stuff. The division that currently characterizes American politics can be linked to two planets. The first is firebrand Mars. Trump owns this one of course.

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He was born with Mars rising. Those rants have gone viral like a raging bushfire. The other is Mercury, the planet of communication and commercial transactions. She has had some handy business deals and connections too. And if her morning birthtime of near 8 am is correct — Hillary has Mercury rising. Mercury and Mars are together repeating a recurrence cycle that replicates every 79 years. Meaning the two planets do the same thing, in the same sign, on virtually the same calendar dates. So they mirror the inclination to articulate Mercury anger Mars in a similar manner.

Passions stirred can blur the facts. Reasoning is influence by impulse. There is a trend of jumping to conclusions without sorting through detail. The obvious standout is This was the year of the famous Lincoln-Douglas debates. There were seven in all. They centered on the divisive issue of slavery.

It was an issue so contentious that it eventually drove the country down the road to civil war. It will become all one thing or all the other. Roosevelt launched a plan to replace the aging conservatives with younger and more liberal judges. But has seen both candidates protesting against the FBI. And the FBI trying to influence an election. The same cycle polarised way back in The newly formed nation was in the midst of a revolutionary war.

A senior war general, General Benedict Arnold, had secretly switched sides in May and was spying for the British. Benedict had plans to surrender West Point to the enemy. The plot was uncovered the following year and Arnold defected. Perceptions and deceptions abound.

And everyone has an opinion.. And frankly most people are getting sick of getting told how to think. Well…not quite. But it could get to that extreme. You already have my view. Planetwise, I think Hillary will get the nod on Tuesday. That's based on her venus and Jupiter cycles, plus planetary phase. And it's even allowing for her progressed Sun squaring Neptune, which usually spells great disappointment. The surety is - one half will be disappointed.

The way things are going…who in their rational mind would seriously want the job. Suddenly 'Fun In Acapulco' or even 'Clambake' are looking the more attractive propositions. OCT The morning Sun dawned over Mosul, Sunday October 16 , millions of leaflets were strewn across the city. They advised of the coming invasion and what contingency measures could be taken. At dawn the Moon was Full and aligned with the sky god Uranus — the planet of insurgency and rebellion. The Battle of Mosul was about to begin. Iraqi Prime Minister officially announced the offensive at 1.

It would be the largest conflict in Iraq since the US led invasion of March It houses well over a million people and was nearer to two million before On June 4 insurgents engaged the 30, strong Iraqi army and won. Over half a million people were displaced. The fall of Mosul revealed the thin veneer of Iraqi security.

The attackers were outnumbered over 15 to 1, yet prevailed in less than a week. The fall of Mosul occurred as the war planet Mars moved to oppose rebellious Uranus and square explosive Pluto. ISIL soon took control of the nearby oil supplies and began selling cheap oil to willing customers. This fight was always over oil, because northern Iraq has some of the richest oil-fields in the world. That took place not far from Mosul at Baba Gurgur, at a place they call the Eternal flame. For thousands of years fires have burned through gas escaping through fissures in the earth from the oil below.

At 3 am, on October 15 , Iraq experienced its first oil gusher. It was an environmental disaster and perhaps an uncanny omen of things to come.

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All hell was literally breaking loose. Oil flowed uncontrollably across the surrounding sandhills. Over fifty thousand barrels a day from a meter geyser. On that day the Libran Sun was joined to the warlord Mars. It was not only symbolic of the immediate environmental damage and fatalities, but also a precursor of the intense competition for ownership of the oil. Had rain fallen it would have polluted the waterways of the entire country. It took ten days finally cap the flow. But it also highlighted the inception horoscopes of the two militant organizations that have evolved out of the oil wars of Iraq.

The announcement, coming on the 79th anniversary of the first oil discovery, meant that the Sun, Mercury and Mars all occupied the same place in the skies. Still the same planetary positions would emphasize the same axis of the zodiac. Again the Sun would join with Mars, this time in battle hardened Aries and precisely oppose the Sun and Mars of both the first oil well and their earlier incarnation.

These positions are hardly coincidental. They can be used as timers for increased activity concerning Islamic State and also the fate of the northern Iraqi oilfields. The recent October 16 Full Moon spotlighted all three. It was an appropriate time — astrologically speaking — for the Battle of Mosul to begin. There is one other planetary factor to consider, although not as well documented.

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It is the dwarf planet Eris, named after the mythological goddess of strife and discord. They got that one right. Due to her discovery, the subsequent demotion of Pluto to minor planet classification, led to immediate acrimony among leading astronomers. Uranus was also with Eris when oil was first discovered in Iraq.

Click here to see the two charts. The final plan is to have Iraqi oil flow from Mosul to the Mediterranean. The eternal flame of Baba Gurgur presents a forever burning question. Who gets the final proceeds? Terrorists in battle garb or terrorists in business suits? The surety is always those who pay the price. It's naturally playing a role with Internet connections. On the personal level Uranus relates to independence and rebellion. Over the last week the world's most famous rebel - Julian Assange - had his Interent connection severed by Ecuador.

The reason given - they didn't want his Wikileaks posts interferring in the upcoming US election. Assange's dislike for Hillary Clinton - who has publicly called for his head - was playing into Donald Trump's hands. The upshot of that was Internet interruptions across the the USA, affecting mainstream media outlets the social networking giant, including Twitter and also Paypal. The attacks occurred around 2.

It urged supporters to stop the outages. The planetary symbolism was potently evoked in this cyberwar. If Wikileaks supporters were responsible, it's a reminder of how vulnerable the system is to well funded and state organised infiltration and attacks. Something Edward Snowden made us all well aware of, not all that long ago.

The candidates are calling November the most important election in the history of the nation. Swallowing that hard sell may lead you directly to the complaints department. Most voters consider it the most uninspiring imaginable. And the planets predict that whoever wins, it will be the election that will provide real difference for America. From ancient days, astrologers based political forecasting on the generational makers of Jupiter and Saturn — the planetary pointers of caliphs and kings.

The two planets of law Jupiter and order Saturn - liberalism and conservatism — future and past — come together every twenty years. Their union polarizes US politics internally as well as creating a common enemy externally. Important policy pivots take place at those twenty-year junctions and the nation repositions itself internationally. Such has been the case from the dawn of the last century. America had just concluded their first imperial war — victorious over the crumbling Spanish Empire. The common enemy of became the people they had been fighting alongside — Filipino nationalists.

The annexation of the archipelago stirred bitter domestic debate from prominent Americans, like Mark Twain, who opposed colonial rule. Asian commercial opportunities overrode any ethical arguments. It was the establishment of America as a Pacific and world power.

Republican Warren J Harding had been elected by the largest margin in history. It was a time when the Russian Revolution had thrown the capitalist world into panic. The US populace was experiencing - and its media manufacturing - their first Red Scare. Socialists and communists became the common enemy in the American psyche. Anarchists had even bombed the New York Stock Exchange. Conservative Harding thought he had the answers. The Roaring Twenties produced enormous wealth for the select few and spawned the greatest economic inequality for the remainder.

Harding's government would be caught up in the bribery scandals with oil investors. By the time Jupiter and Saturn moved into opposition in , a fast faltering US economy and multiple bank collapses plunged the world into the Great Depression. These polarized policies required a radical readjustment. They inevitably do come opposition time. The election promise of Franklin Roosevelt was to keep the US out of the war. The Pearl Harbor attack put paid to that idea. Roosevelt maintained office, but the international role of the USA was taking a major U-turn.

America emerged from WWII as the leading economic and military nation of the western world. The Soviet Union also grew in strength, further fueling the political divide between capitalism and communism. The ensuing Cold War climaxed by the next Jupiter Saturn conjunction of A youthful JFK would take America into important new directions. Kennedy gave the go-ahead to the CIA paramilitary invasion of Cuba to unseat the communist revolution of Fidel Castro. The invasion failed but Cuba remained in the spotlight, with the missile crisis bringing the two superpowers to the edge of nuclear war.

Under Kennedy the US became more involved with the politics of Vietnam and containing the communist threat. He sent 'military advisors' to prop up the South Vietnamese government, despite advice from France that this could turn into a "bottomless political and military swamp".

By he secretly increased the 'advisors' to 12, Vietnam was the new enemy. The war would drag on until the opposition point of Jupiter and Saturn saw the US withdraw as Vietnam became a communist state. Republican Ronald Reagan came to power with a platform of deregulation and privatization. Tax cuts were in and government expenditure was out - with the notable exception the military. By the time the Jupiter Saturn opposition perfected the Evil Empire was no more. Yet again financial deregulation had its balancing blowback at the opposition.

The last Jupiter Saturn conjunction took place in , the year Republican George W Bush controversially came to power. Government policy would again take a major overhaul. Like his fellow Republicans, Bush lowered the tax rates and pursued an economic policy that eventually led into the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. The attacks created the world of terror, citizen surveillance and the Patriot Act.

America was again at war. The combination of Jupiter and Saturn had again coincided with a presidency rapidly re-aligning the course of the country. Evidence dictates it will be the election and not the one that will change America. The closing phase of Jupiter and Saturn has little impact along with the Presidents elected. Woodrow Wilson was returned in , but his second term was less productive.

The US became a non-participant and Wilson suffered a debilitating stroke toward the end of his tenure. In FDR was elected by landslide for a second term, which proved singularly unspectacular. The US drifted back toward recession in his first year and many of his reformist programs were overturned by the courts. That got him re-elected. Dwight Eisenhower served a second term winning the election. Eisenhower suffered a stroke and had a further abdominal operation. A US spyplane was shot down over Russia and the pilot detained whilst on a spying mission.

Eisenhower's last national address reflected his frustration at the direction of the country, "we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military—industrial complex. In Jimmy Carter came to the presidency with high hopes. Stagflation dogged the economy and his bungled attempt to resolve Iran hostage crisis ensured Jimmy departed as a one-term president. Clinton finished his term by repealing part of the Glass-Steagall Act, which had regulated the banking industry.

That compelling timeline suggests this election will not define America. It may explain why progressive policy is markedly absent and personality politics and ambition has taken precedence. Also why many Americans feel that a vote for either candidate may make little difference to their lives. We are entering lame duck territory and the big show doesn't debut until OCT 9. A fortnight ago, Americans broke television ratings records.

Eighty three million people watched the debate of the two most despised presidential candidates of modern history. Dallas pulled the same figure of eighty three million for the who shot JR episode. There's a fascination with the people you love to hate. And it's bound to be repeated this Sunday. Imagine living in a land of opportunity where the leadership stays the same for thirty years. And when the big change comes - it is a son replacing his dad. Sounds a bit like than Bush to Bush or Clinton to Clinton.

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Then t hrow some western-armed mercenaries into that mix. Plus a lucrative pipeline proposal from the gulf monarchies that Bashar Al-Assad knew wouldn't play ball on, preferring one from Iran instead. It adds to a recipe for disaster. By pattern I mean a cyclic blueprint to the political development in Syria. Often the future of states and leaders can be shown to coincide with some mysterious alignment of unseen universal forces. Like a planetary clock. Syria is a case in point. The pattern began on November 13 when power changed hands in the streets of Damascus.

It was a bloodless coup dubbed the Corrective Movement. The only hint that anything had really changed was the collective silence of radio stations, newspapers and TV. A bit like Egypt and General Sisi of more recent times. The Corrective Movement took place with Saturn positioned at 19 degrees of Taurus and directly opposite the Sun and Jupiter at 20 and 17 of Scorpio. This planetary axis would provide vital clues to further political change in years to come.

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  • It still does. Hafez al-Assad was born on October 6 in Damascus. He started as a young political activist being President of the Union of Syrian Students from to His initial career choice was doctor but family finances dictated otherwise. Hafez joined the Syrian Armed Forces and distinguished himself as an aviator, flying missions during the Egyptian Suez crisis of When sworn into the presidency, on March 12 , he appointed Sunnis to important government posts.

    In time, he reshuffled the Alawites into the key military and intelligence positions. Syria became a one party state. But Islamist uprisings — in the form of guerilla warfare - began in , culminating in an attempt on his life. Assad accused the US of fomenting a revolution and brutally put down the insurgents.

    The Hama Massacre of February was his High Noon, with thousands of rebels killed and a city left in ruins. This is where the cycles come into play. Assad was successful — but at a terrible price. In fact, bang on the Saturn return of the Hama massacre, in , his son Bashar would be in an identical position. Battling Islamist insurrection and also blaming the US. When Saturn moved into Scorpio — opposing the original position of his coup — Hafez encountered opposition from an unexpected source. He suffered a heart attack, triggering a succession crisis.

    Then posters of his brother Rifat began appearing in the streets of Damascus. The younger sibling was making a blatant play for the Syrian leadership and the military were having none of it. Rifat had married into one of the richest families in Syria and his business monopolies were under scrutiny. Hafez recognized the treachery and Rifat was exiled from Syria to Geneva. He later moved to Mayfair and Paris. As Saturn returned to the same degree of his coup, Assad again fell ill.

    This time a heart attack would prove fatal. On June 10 with Saturn and Jupiter together at 24 degrees of Taurus, Hafez passed leaving Syria in the hands of his appointed successor — son Bashar. Bashar al-Assad had come to power under a potent conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in enduring Taurus. Yet both were squared by Uranus — the planet of uprisings and insurgencies. Another world leader rose to be President of his country under the same conjunction. His name was Vladimir Putin. In March as Jupiter and Saturn were in direct opposition, political opposition simultaneously arose in Syria.

    By September , as Jupiter and Saturn moved into the final square of the current twenty-year cycle, Putin and Assad became military allies in the most dangerous conflict of the twenty first century. Some commentators fear it could spawn a global war, as the US and Gulf states butt heads with Russia and Iran. After five grueling years, Al-Assad remains the sole Arab leader to survive western military interventions. Assad has endured via Russian assistance. That, plus a dawning realization throughout the western world that furthering this civil war has birthed ISIL and created a humanitarian crisis that threatens to fracture even their own alliances.

    It has to end, just as any cycle ends. There may be a sacrificial stepping down from the presidency of a much different Syria by then. And why has the US found itself drawn into multiple wars since that Jupiter Saturn conjunction at 23 degrees of Taurus? There are historical correlations. Jupiter was right there for their first Revolutionary War and Saturn was right there for the Pearl Harbour attack.

    A precedent was set, like a planetary alarm clock. Hardly anything happens without that kind of defining and exact cyclic connection. Lunations that fall on the planet of shock and awe — Uranus — usually accompany unexpected events. And that extends to weather. Uranus was the mythical sky-god which means that unusual events concerning aviation and the heavens can be expected. Violent storms can be a feature within that cycle — within fifteen days either side.

    Last year the New Moon of October 13 fell in partile opposition to Uranus — meaning to the exact degree. Ten days later Hurricane Patricia registered as the most intense ever recorded in the Western Hemisphere with winds measuring mph. Luckily Hurricane Patricia eased considerably before landfall on the Mexican coast. But not before producing torrential rains and mudslides amounting to over five billion dollars in damages. On October 16 there will be a Full Moon falling within the degree of Uranus.

    Hurricane Matthew is already front page news. It came right at the beginning of the current lunar cycle. The storm front has caused close to one thousand deathsand untold damage in the Bahamas and created chaos and power outages on mainland USA. For all those who are concerned about the NASA report doing the rounds that their zodiac signs are wrong and that some are born under the 13th constellation of Orphiucus…relax and read on. I have seven telescopes myself. I love looking into night sky with the technology of today.

    It teaches us a lot about the universe, life and everything. You are born under one of the twelve signs from Aries to Pisces. The first thing you might notice is that all of these zodiac signs are equal in length. Unlike the uneven constellations in the sky, sun signs are all the same size. Signs are based on time and the date you were born. The sky is different.

    Sagittarius November 2019 ~ ECLIPSE NEWS FOR SAGGIES THESE AREAS & MORE! ~ Astrology ~ Horoscope

    Grab a sky map or software. They are all different sizes. Some super big — others really small. Ptolemy wrote about it around AD, in the first influential astrological textbook. Your sun sign, although it bears the same as a constellation in the heavens, is not actually that constellation. Your sun sign is an even division of the year. The sneaky part is that — scientists know that too — but they keep on trotting out this tired old constellation myth. Ancient monuments, built to accurately time seasonal change, such as Stonehenge are as exact today as when they were built thousands of years back.

    And your sun sign is also thousands of years old and is as accurate today as it was then. So why is this misinformation spread by a respected organization such as NASA? The real reason that scientists — thankfully not all of them — are anxious to debunk astrology is philosophical. They refuse to believe that the planets have any influence on human affairs. I was a skeptic. But compelling evidence over the years has convinced me that we are all part of the universal dance. Or that Malcolm Turnbull would scrape home by the barest margin in the election, but will probably not last long as PM. Or that September would be the crunch time for the world recession.

    Someone else who also delved into political predictions on a regular basis was Johannes Kepler. He published a yearly astrological almanac back in the days of the Renaissance. Kepler is well known to scientists — being among the greatest ever. Kepler was the first to formulate the precise movements of the planets. Without his genius, sending rockets past Pluto would be a dream. And Kepler used the same twelve sun signs that modern astrologers use. The upcoming dates of October 5 to 8 , really fall into this category. The vote was a massive rebuttal for the White House.

    And for the final vote reformatory Pluto was rising, which suggests further ramifications. Interestingly when old Foreign Immunites Act was signed into law on October 26 , Neptune, the planet of oil and obfuscation was at 12 degrees of Sagittarius passing over the USA's Ascendant. This act was used by a Manhattan Court on October 14 to exclude the Saudi royals from prosecutionrelated to Neptune is now squaring the position it held in , dissolving the old law and supplanting it with a new one. The eclipse cast a Grand Cross upon his presidential ambitions.

    It certainly looked that way as Trump was trounced in the first presidential debate. SEP It was an alliance built in the final year of WWII. Quincy in the Suez Canal. The US was at war in the Pacific and war required lots of oil. The Saudis provided the lifeblood to the US military and the US provided riches and security to the royal family. It was a marriage of convenience, which was to survive ideological differences.

    But two months after that meeting Roosevelt was no more. When Crown Prince Faisal arrived at the United Nations for the crucial partition vote he was further assured by the US Secretary of State, General George Marshall, that their country would not support the independent state of Israel. Instead, wary of a cliffhanger election, President Truman backed the partition plan, leading to Marshall angrily opposing Truman and Prince Faisal storming from the UN.

    On February 9 a military alliance was formally signed. The Saudis would suspend aid to Egypt and the Pan-Arab movement. The US would provide military equipment and training for the royal army. For the day of the meeting Jupiter had just entered Libra and Saturn was in the 12th degree of Sagittarius. Jupiter has just entered Libra and Saturn is at 11 degrees of Sagittarius. Well planets tend to be reliable timers of such events.

    libra horoscope dipozevari.cf

    It put many US firms out of business. The industry laid off , workers and the price collapse forced the US back to importing oil. The second Saturn return is upon us. Saturn came back to 12 degrees of Sagittarius from January this year. On September 11 Pluto moved across 12 degrees of Sagittarius with Saturn opposing it.

    We all know what happened then. But what was happening days before is not so well documented. On August 27 Saturn was opposing the position of the agreement. This came a month after both the US and Israel had walked out of the United Nations meeting on Racism after the Israel Palestine issue was brought up and labeled apartheid policy. President Bush went into immediate damage control following the Saudi communique. He tabled an official reply in the form of a two-page letter to Prince Abdullah. There has been no change in the strategic equation. I firmly believe the Palestinian people have a right to self-determination and to live peacefully and securely in their own state, in their own homeland, just as the Israelis have the right to live peacefully and safely in their own state.

    Bush had gone further than any other President in actually suggesting a homeland for the Palestinians. It forever changed the relations between the United States and a key ally to their military and economic power. The planets and aspects are still the same but what changes are the houses. I guess I should back up a little and explain why you would even want to relocate your chart.

    It takes on a different flavor. This helps explain why we have different experiences and feelings when we go to different places. The other technique for relocation is a method created by late astrologer Jim Lewis. I have found both methods to be effective. Some astrologers not mentioning any names have been known to travel to a different location for their solar return.

    By doing this, for example, you have the opportunity to push Saturn off an angle where the effects will be less damaging or long lasting. I highly recommend using one of these methods before planning a vacation, honeymoon or even determining what type of experience you will have at the college or job of your choice many Americans move for work or school.

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